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Global Connection!

Why do we share? Why do we look to connect beyond ourselves?

To connect in our soul creative purpose, is to truly be ALIVE.

To connect with the soul creative purpose of others, is to truly thrive!

We are more than enough within ourselves but we can create even more when we reach out, open up to and connect with others.

Sometimes holding back from sharing or waiting to share can be a challenge and whilst not always necessary, there are times when we have to patiently wait before we share.

The deep Joy that arises from working harmoniously with others is phenomenal! I cannot wait to make an INCREDIBLY special announcement on Monday March 1st about a global songwriting project. It is a challenge to contain the inspirationally creative connection that has taken place and the AMAZING outcome that has been produced! Below is a montage of the initial images shared last week... clues leading to this POWERFUL creative connection!

We are far more connected individually and globally than we sometimes realise. We all share one heartbeat. We share the rhythm of soul connection.

Creativity is all about sharing, sharing in inspiration. This creative sharing, is the driving force that motivates all I do.

Reach out friends to others. Take advantage of the technological advances we have to connect with our global family. You ARE enough but there are also many opportunities to connect with others and create more connections.

It’s time to share.

We know you’re there.

Illumination can be found.

In places so profound...

When we announce the magic of what our global connection has produced, this coming Monday March 1st 2021, then join us in our connection and find your purpose pathway.

Let us creatively connect.

Its time to share and get connected...

Loving energy,

Ray xxx

Ps connect with me, check out my latest YouTube Vlog and click subscribe (much more to be shared VERY soon)

Also join me today at 3pm GMT for FaceBook LIVE -‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ Monday 22/2/2021 @ 3pm GMT.

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