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Liberate The Temple of You

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Life is such a beautiful gift and when we consider, with deeply profound gratitude, the possibilities of our sensory opportunity, I have no doubt you are filled with awe at the wonder of YOU.

However, we live in a society (there is nothing wrong with the world, it’s the system of society that is the issue), that insidiously injects less and lack of into the atmospheric messages, sometimes self-sovereignty can be a challenge. These atmospheric messages are propagated through ‘social media’, religion, political bias, education/academia, inappropriate family values and ‘mainstream media’. Propaganda that has even in recent times, invaded our freedom of choice over our own bodies.

The temple of YOU, is YOU. Whatever a persons personal view, we as individuals 100% have autonomy over our own being and the body we experience this being within. We have and must maintain freedom of choice, which includes ANY form of prescribed medication. We are NOT an experiment for self determined ‘experts’. We are the experts who self-determine OUR choice and self project OUR voice. Spirit is within us. Ironically our societies and more accurately connective communities are filled with real experts.

When we fully realise we don’t need to bow down and worship the system that has been constructed around us; a system designed to surround us in a cloak of shadows, institutionalised secrecy and fear, then we cannot only be free but be liberated as the temple of self.

The truth isn’t external, the truth is internal.

How easy it is to surrender and ultimately sacrifice our power. How easy it is to surrender self-sovereignty. By way of an example consider the upcoming event in the UK (and no doubt many parts of the world) Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor’s so called ‘platinum Jubilee’ - a constructed event on February 6th 2022 and spanning also across June 2nd-June 5th 2022 (including street parties, events and bank holidays). Mark these dates as they mark a manipulation movement towards servitude gratitude. These are created events to make us thankful for the ‘freedom’ we will be given, after imposed ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ for so long!

Dear reader, you are already free; you have no need to be grateful to a self-determined ruler, as YOU are the ruler of your SELF.

When gratitude for servitude ends, then ALL will be truly FREE.

Reflect on a line from the popular song (though it’s popularity is diminishing), known as ‘The National Anthem’:

‘Long to reign over us’.

Why would we sing, in agreement to being subjugated to meaningless external monarchy rulership? WE already rule! WE reign over US! Responsibility and accountability don’t belong to anyone else.

YES! YOU are the temple of YOU (you could even substitute the word temple for castle or palace).

Self-sovereignty is YOURS. Self-sovereignty is mine and as creators of our own reality we must continue to exercise dominion over OUR SELVES. OUR self-sovereignty (including EVERY choice of health) mustn’t be surrendered and ultimately sacrificed to anyone else.

As a result of all of the above and through deep source inspiration, OverSoul & The Architects of Passion have joined forces to create the phenomenal truth music album ‘I Am Cathedral’. This album (including title track below) is a profound sound vibrational representation of our self-dominion, of our self-sovereignty.

Join us and gain entry into your cathedral of incredibly empowering truth by ordering ‘I Am Cathedral’ on the product page of this website.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,


OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

Ps LIVE today @ 3:30pm (uk time) on YouTube channel, a VERY powerful message shared…




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