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OUR Connection - From a Seed to a Tree, to a FOREST!!!

From a seed of inspiration, to a tree of creativity, to a forest of connection.

Join with us and connect in this INCREDIBLE INTERNATIONAL song!

Often, as creative individuals, we share the end result of our creativity. Sometimes we are even at great pains to only share our creation when it is ‘ready’, ‘finished’ or ‘fully-grown’.

The story and value of an AMAZING song I have been privileged and honoured to create, is not just the end, it is also the process. It is a journey of GLOBAL connection, during a time of global disconnection and isolation.

The journey of the creation of the song ‘Our Connection’, reminds me of the often quoted phrase:

"Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow."

Here, in part, is the journey from a seed to a tree, to a forest of phenomenal creativity!

On 23rd November 2020 I announced I would be carrying out a weekly Facebook Live, entitled ‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’...

The inception idea was to create an online community connection space; a place where I could share a songwriting workshop, with whoever wanted to connect in that space.

I Announced that the following week 30/11/2020 we would begin to write a song (the seed began to be planted)...

Take a look at edited, snippet version of the beginning steps of the creation of our song ‘Our Connection’...

Click link below to see FULL video and the conception, on 30/11/2020, of OUR INCREDIBLY connective song.

‘Our Connection’ has grown from a seed to a tree and with YOU, it will become a FOREST!

Be among the first to connect in this GLOBAL anthem!!!

Here is the I-tunes pre-order link!!! Wow!

‘Our Connection’ is also available as an i-tunes ringtone NOW...

Enjoy this fun ringtone video, including each of the six co-lyricists from all around the world.


Caroline Brown

Susan Ann Lynn



Sherry McQueen


Michele Noordhof


Sanni Tju

(Caroline, RaeAnn, Sherry and Sanni were there from the original seed idea. Sue and Michele joined ‘Our Connection’ later).

Read the inspirational words of co-lyricist and ‘Our Connection’ graphic designer Sanni Tju:


This is Sanni from Australia

Our connection was born on 30 November 2020.

It was created by combining thoughts from different souls about the topic of peace, unity, and illumination. The song grows and beautifully evolved every week, as more and more people expressing theirs.

I have the privilege to design the image for Our Connection. The image shows that when we, as diverse individuals, come together in unity, the spark inside each one of us will illuminate the earth, and as the earth is illuminated, it will bring peace and freedom in our heart, which is represented by the broken chain.

‘Our Connection’ is more than a song. This is an invitation for you to connect with us through this song, just as the seven of us from around the world have connected.

Through this song, I hope to lift your spirit, make you feel connected, and bring you peace”.

Hear from co-lyricists Susan Ann Lynn and RaeAnn Gardner, as they describe their journey of 'Our Connection' in the videos below:

Connection during a time of distance... it’s TIME to share in OUR Connection...

From a seed of inspiration, to a tree of creativity, to a forest of connection. This IS ‘Our Connection’.

Join with us! Take a look and listen to the first minute of our song ‘Our Connection’ before it explodes into the first CHORUS!

Pre-order in i-tunes and join us in the CHORUS of ‘Our Connection’.

Pre order in I-tunes NOW! Download ringtone NOW!

Available on ALL digital download and streaming platforms March 19th 2021!

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

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