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About Ray 


How Can I Help You?

With close to 40 years of songwriting experience, I know how to tell YOUR story through words and music.

From lyrics, strong melody, soundtracks, poetry and artistic performance, through to public speaking, acting and bespoke personalised songwriting.


I can convey YOUR feelings and ideas WITH YOU and FOR you. Captured in a song for ALL time! What a gift for YOU and your loved ones.

Ray's Bio

Ray Coates is a singer and songwriter, poet, public speaker and an actor. He is also a throat cancer survivor of over 10 years! He is passionate about creativity and using this as a means to help himself and others cope with the challenges of life, including for example mental health. Collaboration is key to Ray. Inclusivity is the only option in his book.


Ray has been a singer songwriter for over 30years and released a charity single on i-tunes, and accompanying video on YouTube to raise awareness and funds for research into throat cancer

Additionally, Ray is now using his song for ‘The Voice Within Project’. This is a project to connect people from diverse backgrounds by means of ONE song and ONE voice. Currently, a version of the song, performed by Zoe Evans, is being used to raise funds for the homeless prevention organisation Shelter.


This project has led Ray to come into contact with people globally, including Charles Mattocks (executive producer and creator of TV shows ‘Reversed’ & current program airing on WGN networks in America ‘Eight Days’). The award winning film maker, and best selling author, Charles, asked Ray to write, sing and record a song for the cancer docuseries 'Eight Days'. The song 'Your Journey' features in the last episode.

In August of 2022, Ray announced and embarked on the connective, collaborative and co-creative project The Community Anthem Project C.A.P 'One Voice, We Are One (see the CAP page for more details on this social connection, creative project and the recently released 2023 anthem 'One Voice, We Are One'.

Ray has performed as an actor in a variety of theatre plays and some independent short films. He has also been involved in several book to film projects, including writing soundtracks. Ray is also an experienced public speaker.

Ray also has 2 LIMITED EDITION albums 'Garden of Life' & 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) released on CD (SEE Product Page for details) and an EXPANDING variety of music on ALL major digital download stores SEE the page EXPANDING COLLABORATIONS, for further details).

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