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NOW AVAILABLE - POWER OF 3 ANTHOLOGY (includes 2 CDs & 1 Memory Stick) sharing for you

the last 3 years of a magical creative journey (Also available via email)...

Take this INCREDIBLE offer opportunity to lift your mood above these days and carry your thoughts beautifully and powerfully into the future.


The POWER of 3!

1. Garden of Life - Released 2020

2. Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity) - Released 2021

3. I Am Cathedral (OverSoul & The Architects of Passion) - Released February 11th 2022

A PHENOMENAL anthology!


3 albums in 3 years captured in the video below, lasting 3 minutes WOW!










Order this extraordinary #powerof3 ANTHOLOGY #offer NOW

Guess the price?.. YES - £33 (Includes UK P&P)

3 IS the magic number!

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