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NOW available on LIMITED EDITION CD version

(includes 3 bonus tracks) with SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE... £15 (INCLUDES p&p!)...

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Let me give you an opportunity to lift your mood above these days and carry your thoughts beautifully into the future.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few comments from people who have joined me in the ‘Garden of Life’ after listening to the whole album on CD (which includes 3 bonus tracks).

“I've just listened to the whole CD....I love it......What a talent you have...I'm very envious. I love 'This Heartbeat' ....the words are wonderful and heartfelt.

I know I will play it continuously”. T


“Very beautifull songs.... Been listening almost every day. Long time since i heard something very beautiful indeed”. A


“We received your CD this morning and have listened to every track. It is an amazing album and especially bonus track 1“. P

(3 bonus tracks appear on the CD version of the album)


“I Listened to ‘Love’ yesterday at the office on my computer there several times and OMGosh its truly magical! Everyone should hear this album”.. S

(‘Love’ is available on the CD version of the album, as a bonus track).

Co-authored Book

14 True stories of abuse, tragedy & heartache leading to strength, hope &happimess. Including deeply emotional account of my throat cancer journey. Hold inspiration in your hand. Signed copy with a personalised message. £15 (INCLUDES p&p within the UK)...

For alternative payment methods, visit the CONTACT page and message Ray directly......