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'GARDEN OF LIFE' (NOW LIMITED EDITION) ... Visit SHOP TO order NOW before the Garden disappears

Click on the link to hear what the 'Garden of Life' is ALL about! Step inside and take a listen to this LIMITED EDITION album. YOUR very own Garden of Life...

'Be Like This Child'

9th track from album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)'

Inspirational lyrics written by Susan Anne Lynn.

'Be Like This Child' is also the 2nd track on the recent digitally released collaboration album 'Our Songs' (Available on ALL digital platforms NOW).

Visit SHOP to order LIMITED EDITION album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)' on CD NOW!

The commissioned song - 'Your Journey', featured in the final episode of Charles Mattocks cancer docuseries 'Eight Days'. Aired on major networks in the USA.

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'Love Is' Interview, with Laine Dadson (BSL By June Buckingham)

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Interview with Laine Dadson ABOVE (Laine is lyricist and the inspiration for the recent release 'Love Is' (6th track on the recently released collaboration album 'Our Songs' Available on ALL digital platforms NOW! LINKS BELOW). 


An anthem dedicated to self-love, 'Love Is' has also been interpreted into British Sign Language (BSL) by the AMAZING June Buckingham.

'Love Is' is NOW AVAILABLE in ALL digital download/streaming platforms, including iTunes (LINK BELOW).

Ray Coates was IMMENSELY privileged and honoured to receive a commendation entry award for the original song 'This Life', in the UK Songwriting Contest 2023

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