I have delivered many public speeches to varying audiences. So if you are organizing an event and would like my experienced voice to speak up, there will be no challenge to difficult. No matter how big or small your corporate event, I will give it my all. Additionally, I can write a bespoke designed piece of music or song to empower your event, even more. Let my voice become your voice. 


Are you organizing an occasion, a wedding, birthday bash or something else? Why not allow me to write you a personalized bespoke song? Or would you rather write your song but need some assistance? If so contact me and allow me to guide you through the process. It doesn't just have to be a song, it could be a poem. Songs/poems can be recorded or I can perform them live. All songs/poems will be available with accompanying personalized and unique  artwork. A perfect memory of YOUR occasion, captured forever in both sound and vision.     


Acting & Performance

As a professional actor I have gained experience, performing several different character roles. Do you need me to perform in YOUR play, YOUR TV show, film or advert? I can be the one to convey YOUR story, I can be YOUR voice. Perhaps you would like me to write your play or collaborate with you in that process. Let my voice become YOURS.

Please connect with Ray direct on the CONTACT page.

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