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Do you love anthem songs?

Do you have a particular memory song?


It could be from bands like Queen or The Police, artists like Elton John or Stevie Wonder & MANY, MANY others. Songs like 'Love of My Life' or 'Every Breath You Take'' 'Your Song' or 'You are the Sunshine of My Life'...etc etc...


You may have your own personal song...


However, these songs are also the heart songs of MILLIONS of others!...


How about having a heart song that is JUST YOUR OWN, PURELY for YOU or someone YOU love? UNIQUELY written for YOU

Living Room 1:1 Experience

Join me, with my nearly 40 years of songwriting skill, as I share with you this UNIQUE 1:1 songwriting service. 


Writing your personalised song! A song to YOUR sofa, join me in the process for ONLY £20 (RRP £30), a personally written song, crafted with care, and shared with you in the comfort of your own home.  

A unique once in a lifetime experience! I can also record your song (with a simple piano and string accompaniment and a lead vocal) for an additional £25 (RRP £35)


.....and for ONLY an additional £10, you can have YOUR song lyrics printed and set in a frame.


What a timeless experience and gift. 

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YOUR Event/ YOUR Occasion

Are you organising an occasion, a wedding, birthday or an event?


Why not allow me to write you a personalised bespoke song?


Or would you rather write YOUR song but need some assistance?


If so contact me and allow me to guide you through the process.


It doesn't just have to be a song, it could be a uniquely, individualised poem. Songs/poems can be recorded or I can perform them live.


All songs/poems will be available with accompanying personalised and unique  artwork. A perfect memory of YOUR occasion, captured forever in both sound and vision.     

YOUR Memory Lane Song

I can write YOUR memory lane song!


A song that captures the spirit and soul of someone you love... A song that will last FOREVER!


A song, YOUR song! THEIR song! A song that will be in memory of YOUR special loved one! I can write that memory lane song for YOU!


Please connect with Ray direct on the CONTACT page.



Songwriting - Writing "YOUR" Unique DNA Songs

With this online program I can help you to uniquely write your own song for any occasion.


This program enhances your writing ability and also your songwriting ability. You can go at your own pace.


Songs can capture a moment in time that you'll never be able to get back. This is an amazing opportunity for you to write your own song, for yourself or for a loved one. 



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