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Myself and Michelle Roche have created an ebook of inspirational poetry 'Your GLAD Journey Companion'.


We have composed and crafted 24 unique pieces of poetry, divided into 4 sections around a G.L.A.D acronym with the themes of Gratitude, Love, Awakening and Destiny (GLAD).


This is shared with you the reader, as our contribution to lift your thoughts through challenging times.


The complementary supplement is entitled ‘Your GLAD Journal Companion’. You can print out the Gratitude, Love, Awakening and Destiny pages to journal your thoughts on these qualities and characteristics.


Put simply our poetry ebook ‘Your GLAD Journey Companion’, is a source of inspiration to encourage YOU to journal YOUR creative GLAD filled thoughts in the blank pages that you can print out from 'Your GLAD Journal COMPANION'.


Inspiration and creativity always. ‘Your GLAD Journey Companion’ helping you to choose GLAD thoughts.


‘Your GLAD Journal Companion’, helping you to capture those thoughts.

Your GLAD Journey Companion

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