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A Journey Through Creative Power

What does the photograph below say to YOU?

Why do I share it?

Because for me it speaks volumes as a marker point in my purpose progress.

This photograph represents a journey through creative power and I share it with you, to encourage and inspire YOU to 'be MORE YOU'...

Let me explain the creative journey of the last couple of years... again, I desire for my awakening creative power, to fuel YOU to 'be MORE YOU'!

The photograph above contains SO much and it isn't super imposed!

This picture was taken by Michelle Roche at the ruins of St. Ninian's Chapel, Isle of Whithorn, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland on Wednesday 9th June 2021.

For me it heralds the arrival of another checkpoint in the journey of my creative passion, purpose and power. I am SO grateful for Michelle taking this photo, the energy it captures and for her inspirational words a few years ago 'Be MORE YOU'.

Like you and many others, we have been on OUR own personal, individual journeys (in fact that was one of the purposes of our visit to Wigtown, Scotland's National BOOK town).

The above is NOT an image of vanity, it is a statement of arrival and gratitude for my creative purpose.

It is an even fuller awakening to my true authentic self.

Of what benefit is this to YOU?

It is of tremendous benefit to you, because I regularly share my why and also my how. The power of purpose and intention that I share can be yours too.

When looking back on progress, development and personal achievment, I stand in the MORE captured in the picture above, in IMMENSE gratitude and love for so many individuals.

Personally, I don't subscribe to the 'self made man' thought.

Whilst there has been tremendous determination and application from myself, in my creative journey, I stand in this moment, in recognition of the positive influence of so many!

Particularly empowering in this moment of arrival has been the impact upon my life of the work and example of Rebecca Adams.

Throughout Rebecca's 1:1 work with me and the opportunities she has created through the International Interview Series (both 2019 and 2020, including the privilege and honour to actually interview Rebecca as part of the 2020 series) and through the phenomenal opportunity to be an International Bestselling co-author in 'Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling', Rebecca has played a PIVOTAL role in my creative growth, passion, purpose and power.

To use a phrase Rebecca has encouraged myself and others to ponder, this has led to the 'ripple effect'.

Now Michelle is a number 1 International Bestselling author with 'Smashing Through the Brick Wall', also compiled by Rebecca.

Myself and Michelle are opening up even more creative energy by our various collaboration projects, including our gift company .

Take a look again at this captured moment of passion, purpose and power in the picture at the start of this blog...

Prepare yourself for even MORE shared energy... Here is a little teaser... BOTH Rebecca and Michelle are deeply involved individually, on TWO of the PHENOMENALLY inspirational songs featured on the September 3rd 2021 album release 'Garden of Love - Connecting IN Creativity'!

Sharing more news in the upcoming weeks, through my various social media posts and YouTube Vlog 'Diary of a Songwriter - Let's Connect' and WOW Wednesday Anchor/Spotify Streamed Podcast 'Ray Coates - Connecting IN One Voice'.

** Check out last weeks Spotify Podcast with my amazing co-creative soul friend RaeAnn Gardner, as she shares a stunningly impactful message on the 1st and 2nd tracks 'Our Connection' and 'Walk in Love' on the upcoming album 'Garden of Love - Connecting IN Creativity'. Click link below to listen to RaeAnn's POWERFUL words and also HEAR both 'Our Connection'; 'Walk in Love' and 'Hopes Dance' (4th track on September 3rd 2021 release).

The photograph at the beginning of this blog is MORE than a photograph; it is MORE than an image.

As I stand in the moment captured above, I call out to you to BE MORE YOU, OUR society needs true awakening. We deserve and welcome MORE creators, innovators and inspirational impactors.

Stay creatively with me, as I will be sharing MORE inspiration through music and other means. Join with me in an ongoing Journey of Creative Power.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

Ps connect with me through the CONTACT page, I am more than willing to share my creative energy with and for YOU.

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