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OUR Creative Mind & Feelings

Don’t write off the title… interesting start 😉…

You may feel, like the colloquial phrase: ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’. Is that how you feel? I certainly hope not!

Let me gently dispute that feeling: ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’, if that’s how you feel) and also share a POWERful enCOURAGEment message for YOU, of bringing TOGETHER, in harmonious tandem, our mind and feelings.

Firstly, do you have ‘a creative bone in YOUR body’? 💯 of course you do!

How so?

BEcause you are a miracle in form!

The way your bones, sinews, flesh etc have formed and knitted together, is a living created life miracle… INDISPUTABLE!

Whether you believe in a creator who originated life, or that life evolved, matters not to the UNDENIABLE truth of the MIRACLE of YOU! You came INto BEing as a result of a creative miracle and this is a bioLOGICAL fact!

Therefore, in light of the foregoing YOU are FILLED with ‘creative bones’! It’s in your every fibre, marrow and member.

Now, let’s move onto the power of this REAL-eyes-ation, in relation to bringing our mind and feelings, into a harmonious tandem potent FORCE!

‘Positive thinking’… ‘positive mindset’… ‘mind over matter’… etc are these and other phrases enough? Is it just enough to THINK positively and then our life will BE more positive?

In other words are our thoughts and the way we think the only/major factor in a positive outcome? Shorthand answer - NO! 

As humans, we are feeling creatures and OUR feelings are deep within the fibre of our bodies. Consequently, we must reCOGNISE the dual power of bringing OUR feelINgs AND OUR thoughts TOGETHER! How? This is where creativity comes in and the practice of our INdiviDUAL creativity.

To illustrate, even the most conFIRMed atheists, reCOGNISE that as humans we are ‘moved’ by art, music, poetry and many forms of creativity. These experiences aren’t ‘religious’ but I would strongly suggest, they are ‘spiritual’, in the sense that they INfuse and effusively evoke a response withIN us. This in itself is proof of our essence based creativity. 

How can we practice our INherent creativity?

Simply put - write about HOW we feel. Additionally, to continue exPRESS our INner thoughts and feelings, in as many ways as possible (this could be through the means of gardening, cooking and many other forms). Listen for and look for as many emotive sounds, sights, words and sense enhancing experiences as we can. When we desire an outcome, endeavour to not only think positively toward your desired outcome but also visualise DEEPLY the feelings that are attached to that outcome. SEE it and SENSE it, IN the SPIRIT of YOU!

To help you achieve this, I share with you several powerful connective, sonic and sensory links (you can click on the IMAGES to explore and discover BELOW 👇💫👇).

OverSoul & The Architects of Passion:

Feel Love & Welcome Home

Click ON IMAGES BELOW to choose YOUR listening platform #Spotify #YouTube #iTunes #AmazonMusic

‘Feel Loves Energy’


Ray Coates

‘This Life’

‘The Know No Song’

‘Shake It Up (Spin 1)’

In addition, I share weekly/daily messages of enCOURagement; self-emPOWERment and connective, self-sovereign emPOWERment (EXPLORE LINKS BELOW 👇💫👇).

3 Wednesday Facebook LIVES EVERY Week

Spotify Podcast (INcludINg INcredibly INspirational INterVIEWs)


I’m also NOW BEgINnINg to open up to my qualification as a qualified coach and mentor, to enABLE YOU even MORE (if this aligns with YOUR desire, then reach out to me for a FREE discovery callMORE news coming soon).

We think and we feel. Let’s continue to utilise our powerful dynamic dual reSOURCEs to gain OUR desired life goals and support others in theirs.


Ray xxx

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