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The Positive NATURE & Expansion of OUR Creative Potential


What does that word mean to you? Where does our creative nature come from? Are we here, on the face of planet Earth, to merely exist?

How can we expand our creative potential?

Questions! Questions! Questions! Lol

Firstly, as discussed in last week’s blogpost, we are FILLED with CREATIVE BONES, even if we don’t yet fully feel that thought.

The simple truth message is - life expands; nature expands; the universe expands. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense that WE are HERE on Earth, in this life experience, to EXPAND!

The societal system we live in, predominantly through media structures, promotes a limited mindset way of BEing. 

BeLIEf systems, whether they be ‘educational’, religious, governMENTAL or other societal elements, generally are constraining, limiting and quite frankly immensely frustrating! Consequently, we are immersed in a pervading air of LESS, lack and ‘think small’ outlook.

At this point, I want to emphasise, I’m NOT saying this is YOUR way of thinking and more accurately BEing. However, we are ALL in some way INfluenced by the system we live in, one of the keys is to identify patterns of thought, BEhaviour and how these are effecting us. 

Additionally, we can turn our attention and by extension our INtention, towards the lessons of nature eg how life forms, sustains, grows and flourishes (even IN seemINgly unfavourable circumstances).

Due to the time consuming nature of the system we are surrounded by, we can at times miss key BEautiful reMINDers in and of nature. To illustrate this, my very good creative friend Graeme Kyte once messaged me, saying:

‘have you ever noticed how beautiful clouds are’? What an INcredibly amazINg object lesson and this thought expanded INto a creative collaboration.

Another limiting thought to IDentify and reCOGNISE  - do we place the thought of ‘hope’ on things we can control? 

I have found myself, in the past, saying: ‘I hope this works out’… when actually the truth is - I have the POWER of choice over effecting the outcome! This can be in a creative project, a business project, a relationship and IN fact ABSOLUTELY ANY and ALL ventures. Hope is for the things that are BEyond OUR control, not the things withIN OUR control.

I’d welcome YOUR thoughts and feelings towards how we can expand OUR creative thINkINg.

One of my philosophies on 'lesser than thinking', is the following:

What I have the capacity for, others have the capacity for. What I know can be true for me, is what I know can also be true for others. There is NO threat, no competition and no suspicion. I have the capacity for more, so do YOU. 

If mistrust, for example, is an 'inherent' part of ‘human nature’, why doesn’t it affect me? 

BEcause I CHOOSE to embrace MY positive nature and to expand even further creative potential and I provide the enCOURAGEment and self-emPOWERment for YOU to expand YOUR BEautiful experience of life, even further (take a look at examples in the LINKS BELOW 👇💫👇).

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Keep expanding the horizons of YOU. Much as life grows and develops, so can we and creative thinking is a large part of INspirational outcomes.

If you would like to reach out and arrange a FREE creative coaching video call, then utilise the website contact page and we can have an enCOURAGEment based 1:1 video call.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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