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Album ‘Garden of Life’ Release – In The Moment and Beyond

Have you ever experienced that feeling of achieving something and then wondering what to do next? Even without consciously thinking that way, life is filled with moments like that. In my last blog I shared how many decades and life experiences had led to my first album release ‘Garden of Life’. It would be very easy to think - ‘what do I do now’? However, it is always good to reflect upon achievement. That reflection and pausing in the moment, enables us to gain more clarity and perspective, to truly evaluate our actual achievement. Let me explain further.

Self-doubt can be very loud in our minds. When you set out to achieve something, it could be a work target; a qualification; a fitness program or some other life changing goal. It's so easy to hear those nagging doubt voices echo in your mind! Did I have those when I set out to achieve a major accomplishment in releasing an album? Of course I did! Rather than dwell on those negative thoughts though, a positive energy kept driving me forwards to write, record and release the ‘Garden of Life’. It is now in this moment of reflection, as I pause and look back at what has been achieved and the incredible reception of the album, that I truly appreciate why I was driven to continue beyond doubt! Let me share with you the driving force, that I now appreciate more fully. I am sure in the sharing this, it will be of great benefit and encouragement to you!

I always knew the songs contained in the ’Garden of Life’ were strong songs, that's why I chose them! However, little did I know how valuable the message would be for these times that we are living through and beyond! This truth, came home to me even more fully, when people shared how much they were affected by the message in one particular track (though the feedback on ALL songs has been AMAZING!). This track, the ninth track on the album, is called ‘Stop the Earth From Weeping’. Those that have downloaded or purchased the CD have REALLY connected with the message conveyed in ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’ (see below a couple of quotes and BEAUTIFUL ‘Garden of Life’ selfie wall photos 🙏❤️).

“Garden of life ... these songs have a message that is very poignant in these times where even though we have to be apart there is always hope and love to bring us all together, thanks Ray” SD

Garden of life... start of something new and a continuation of life, sowing seeds and finding purpose”. D

“album is great very uplifting, its nice to have something positive to listen to with what's going on”. M

“...Garden Of Life new digital album was released this week...... Ray Coates created lyrics that we can all relate to... Stop the earth from weeping, is a a powerful song written for an endless place in time, yet has new meaning today for billions around the globe... I invite you to purchase the album to connect to your own Garden of Life”. J

“Stop the world from weeping, we may be individuals but come together we can make the world a better place”. D

Upon receiving this feedback (which has been absolutely magical for me as a writer) I can see the greater value of the work I am doing! For example, the opening lines of 'Stop The Earth From Weeping' are SO 'poignant' for the current global situation we ALL individually face:

‘' some say situation unknown, seems we’re home alone'’.

These opening words to 'Stop The Earth From Weeping' really do describe the present time that we are living through. Therefore, the message contained in the album, is beyond me ('Stop The Earth From Weeping' was written about TWO YEARS AGO in 2018!). Above all else, this is why I am so passionate about sharing my album! Have you ever had that moment of wondering - ‘should I begin this project’? Whilst we do have to evaluate and consider circumstances in our life, my encouragement would be purely and simply – ‘GO FOR IT’! Even when I have attempted things previously, and not appeared in my mind to be successful, those attempts have led me here. We will always achieve nothing by doing nothing and the story of my album release, is a story of accomplishment beyond self! We cannot always fully understand, at the time we are attempting to do something, what we may ultimately be achieving!

In conclusion, what am I doing now? Am I doing nothing and kicking back? Not at all! I have learnt, that inspiration is beyond me, it comes from a greater source! Therefore, I continue to leave myself open to inspirations hand; to universal direction and to divine guidance, to go wherever I am led. Exciting times! I am also LOVING my deeper, growing connection with YOU!

Continue to open up your hearts friends , reframe your mind constantly and allow for bigger than your own self-doubt. YOU are amazing! Our current situation may seem unknown. Yet, stand ready, prepare yourselves and find in the album ‘Garden of Life’ a message that will encourage you to reach beyond the limits of self-doubt!

Join me in my YouTube vlog this coming Friday (check out last weeks and the importance of YOUR voice. DON'T let your voice be muted!). The vlog will be another uplifting tonic that will set YOU on high in loves energy.

Stay in love and continue to let YOUR voice be heard in peace and kindness.


Ray xx

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