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Align With the True Essence of YOU

How can you align with the true essence of you?

What would this take and why is it so important for you and for others?

The essence of you is divine, the truth of you is -


This world and more accurately those that control the systems of societal conditioning, bombards us daily with messages of constraint and limitation.

From a young age, through various forms of so called ‘education’, we are indoctrinated into a worker mindset. We are fed desire messages, through various media, that we need certain things and to get these we must work 9-5 in a job that often brings us no satisfaction; we are taught to earn enough money and to enjoy the occasional break from the monotonous drudgery.

Ultimately, in this system, we’re working to have time to spend! Tragically ironic.

You could say a rather bleak outlook… however, the foregoing is sadly, undeniably true. As we accept this circumstantial truth, we are led to the question - what can we do about it?

At least begin with this empowering, bright hope thought - I’m NOT taking a break from work, I am meeting and aligning with my true essence.

Your awakened, higher self can and will grow. Utilise even moments of rest, relaxation and re-creation to spend your time with your higher self.

Visualise and make plans together, avoid the thinking that you are just taking a break from work. Unplug and immerse yourself in the future YOU.

The essence of you is divine, the truth of you is -


We are far MORE than a workers pay day.

You are far MORE than your job.

It’s time to invest more in aligning with the true essence of you.

Return to the source, don’t return to the imposed, indoctrinated thought of taking a break from work!

In the last couple of years society has changed considerably and will continue to do so.

Develop YOU, love ALL of YOU.

Enhance your FULL potential by immersing yourself in the personal development and love of yourself. Aim to grow that passion to purpose project you have. Why shouldn’t you gain financial energy from doing (or more accurately being) what you love?

We can help.

What we hear, see and feel effects our thoughts.

Therefore, with hearts filled with gratitude and love, myself and Michelle Roche are creating a phenomenal weekend of opportunity for YOU.

Opportunity to immerse yourself into power packed, energy infused tangible experiences, to maintain your power and self Love.

Beginning on Friday 11th February and spanning through to Sunday February 13th 2022, we will be launching and sharing for you 2 specific energy elements for your power and love.

2 extraordinary opportunities to enable you to open to MORE.


The truthful, divinely inspired energy album ‘I Am Cathedral’, will be released on memory stick and via email on Friday February 11th 2022! YOU are Cathedral! Together - WE are Cathedral.

Join with OverSoul & The Architects of Passion in saying: ‘I Am Cathedral’

Once heard…

NEVER forgotten 🎸🔥🎙

2. ‘In Your Love’.

A regular self care/self love subscription box reminder, for you to give yourself the love you deserve.

Items of love infused with beautiful energy, including:

handcrafted soaps; positive energy quotes; a crystal; meditation and a surprise gift.

You are MORE than enough - ‘In Your Love’.

Join myself and Michelle LIVE on the U-Gift FaceBook page (LINK BELOW) and throughout social media, for love filled and special prize opportunities for you - Sunday February 13th 2022.

Next weekend February 11th-13th 2022 will be a phenomenal power packed and core of love experience, as we share with and for you:

‘I Am Cathedral’

And ‘In Your Love’

Loving Energy Always

Ray & Michelle

Aka OverSoul & The Architects of Passion & U-Gift

OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

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