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All We Are Saying Is - Give Peace…

Do you like war?

Do you love war?

Are you attracted to conflict and turmoil?

Of course you aren’t and this is a guarantee - if you asked as many people as you can, in the remaining hours of this day, at least the majority would answer a resounding NO to ALL of the above questions.

Yet, war continues and doesn’t seem to be abating in it’s relentless lust to take life. More accurately, war is not the problem, it’s the agenda behind it!

War = BIG business = FACT!

What can we do then? How can we achieve peace?

The simple answer is by being peaceABLE, by being a peaceMAKER.

Does this mean we have to experience a zen like state all of the time?

Of course not, as a human being we experience a number of emotions, even in just a 24 hour period!

Can we effect the systems warring, conflict based, mind controlling terrorism?

💯 this is one of the reasons we are alive. We may feel we don’t have the solutions but should a lack of solutions stop us endeavouring to bring an end to war and mass media fuelled conflict? It didn’t stop the likes of John Lennon and Martin Luther King.

In the words of the phenomenal being John Lennon:

‘All we are saying is: give peace a chance’.

John Lennon didn’t claim to have the solution but he totally had the desire and passion to effect change, towards peace.

Imagine a world without imagiNATION!

Imagine a world without IMAGINE.

We are not NATIONS, we are not born with a brand or mark of the geographical location of our birth. NATIONS are an illusion, created by dark art performers to serve DIVISION, DIFFERENCE and ultimately hate and fear.

For love and peace to reign supreme, we need to create, not hate.

We need to see the truth of expansive imagiNATION above narrow minded nationalism.

Collective peace rules over disconnecting national pride.

Love rules over hate and fear ALWAYS!

Peace = OUR business = FACT!

Love = OUR currency = FACT!

All we are saying is: give peace a chance and together let’s make our OWN society, in divine love and peace.

Join us for a PEACE subject based YouTube LIVE TOMORROW Wednesday March 30th 2022

on the 'OverSoul Truth Music' YouTube Channel (see Promo video BELOW)...

10/10 - 10 minutes discussion on - 'Peace - How'? We look forward to YOUR comments and remember to like, subscribe and share...

Loving energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

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