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Be ALIVE IN Creativity

LIFE, what is it worth to you ? Think about YOUR life, how much money is YOUR life worth? It’s a deeply profound question, many people have faced their own mortality, including myself.

When you really think about life, you begin to think about what makes your life truly happy. For me and I now understand for many others, the answer is creativity. My aim is to create as many opportunities as possible for individuals to connect INSIDE creativity (to connect both with their true self and others). Creation sings LIFE and LIFE sings of creation. We are all co-creators, like a garden filled with a widely diverse and beautiful variety of plants. Different colours, shapes and sizes all making one whole beautifully harmonious picture. When asked recently ‘what makes you most happy’, my answer was, not surprisingly: ‘when I’m creating’. Being IN the moment of creativity, for me, is living. I don’t just feel like I’m existing when I’m creating, I feel I’m living in my purpose, because I am. Living IN my purpose, not just for myself but with and FOR others.

Therefore, my desire is for YOU to feel alive in creativity too. That is why I’m offering you the opportunity to join me in a FREE 5 day workshop (THREE 45 minute FaceBook LIVE streams and the 2 other days I make myself privately avilable to you), beginning Monday August 16th 2021:

'Be Creatively ALIVE With Me IN 5'.

Contact me for details and keep your eyes and ears open, as I share MORE...

The 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)' album is a beautiful example of what can be created with togetherness (Pre-order your signed/personal message CD now from the products page).

If you connect with what I’m sharing, then trust your gut and invest in YOUR creative purpose.

Leave your creative footprint and plant YOUR creative garden of LOVE for future generations to walk in.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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