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Be IN the Midst of POWER

‘They may have pulled the plug but they’ll never switch us off’.

Have you ever felt similar to the above?

Have you ever felt an experience; situation or person trying to STOP your progress and purpose in life?

Most of us have. What are the response options?

1. STOP! X

2. GO or CONTINUE... /

Which is the better choice? Well actually there is a 3rd option (VERY CLOSELY related to option 2 GO or CONTINUE! Here is the 3rd option:


How? Well to gain power and strength; to FULLY absorb into the momentum of our purpose, we have to plug INTO POWER! We have to be IN the MIDST of POWER? How can we do this? By being WITH and influenced by other human beings who have SMASHED THROUGH THEIR Stop Sign of Life...

We can do this by considering carefully what or who we emotionally; spiritually and pyschologically plug into. Whether this is through what we SEE and or HEAR. The mediums we tune into (radio; tv; books etc) will influence our output. What we read has a major effect on our BEING. Therefore, with this in mind, I am sharing the opportunity for you to plug your thoughts into a PHENOMENAL source of POWER.

17 incredible souls share THEIR LIFE accounts of how THEY SMASHED THROUGH!

The book 'Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life' is a LIFE-CHANGING work of REAL-LIFE.

Yes, SEVENTEEN authors share their true life-changing experiences of mental health, dreams, shocks, cancer, eviction & other immense hurdles leading to strength, power, and positivity.

Yesterday, October 3rd 2021 was the LIVE EVENT BOOK Party LAUNCH and we welcome you to buy, download, read and review OUR incredible co-authored book >> 'Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life' (compiled and published by the AMAZING Rebecca Adams). BELOW are the LINKS (UK and USA) for the Kindle download of this INCREDIBLE book.

Join myself and co-author of our SHARED chapter - ‘They may have pulled the plug but they’ll never switch us off’ Michelle Roche, in this Wednesday's Spotify streamed podcast 'Ray Coates - Connecting IN One Voice)'.

On Sunday 10th October 2021 we will be sharing a launch party event for the PAPERBACK version of the 3rd book in this immense series of book!

Connect with myself or any of the other authors. We are aiming for Number ONE International bestseller for 'Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life'! Why?

Because that way we can help empower even more lives, through the courage shared in this deeply inspiring book.


BUY; DOWNLOAD; READ; REVIEW and SHARE 'Smashing Through the Stop Sign of Life'!

LINKS BELOW (UK and USA) for the Kindle download of this INCREDIBLE book.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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