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Be Relentless & Unstoppable

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

You, yes you, reading this, right here right now, can be anything you decide to be.

You need to have a shopping list for yourself, which includes:

• A strong belief in yourself and where you’re headed

• A significantly powerful growth mindset

• A bag full of confidence

• A power bank of determination

• Lots of value to give to yourself & others

• Focus, motivation, and drive.

This is everything you need to be relentless and unstoppable in your journey and whatever that may entail for you. Yes, it can be that simple – when you decide it can be.

For me, it’s been a lot of change, transformation and a lot of my lifetime mantra and I’m still moving forward with it all, no matter what goes on in my personal life.

Over my 42yrs so far - I have been through a lot, witnessed a lot and been privy to a lot but not one thing has kept me down because my mantra is instilled in me, to the core, and it drives me through absolutely anything and everything.

I share this with you now so that you can really see why I do things the way I do for my children, the people I care for, my clients and you – my audience, of which I have always been full of gratitude for and always will be.

Now, I’m not saying you can shop for the items in the shopping list above at the store, but you do have to show up and do the work. ‘Walking the Talk’, I call it and quite rightly so. Whatever you want and desire in life CAN be truly yours if you say YES to yourself and know that you’re worthy of the goodness and greatness with all arenas of your life.

Back in 1999, I was walking home in the pouring rain, pushing my son in a flimsy stroller with our shopping, crying, and getting soaked to the skin. Cars driving past didn’t even notice I was crying, as it was raining that much but my hands were so red with the cold, and I was struggling up and down the pavements and crossing the roads.

I had a few pennies left in my purse, but I also was grateful to have an adorable sleeping son in the stroller who I had to get back home, to our 2-bed damp flat, quickly to get him warm. We got into the ground floor flat, and I peeled my wet coat off and started to pack the groceries away, still crying, telling myself that there must be more to life than this.

My son deserved more and so did I. In that moment I realised that I was stronger than I realised or had given myself credit for. I could determine what I believed and that enough was enough. I couldn’t do this anymore and something had to change.

That was when I dug deep and found the strength within me to change my entire life absolutely and categorically – through looking at the little boy under the rain covers in the stroller, sound asleep to knowing that I am a powerful woman, and nothing is going to stop me.

That is when Keep Going Always™ was born.

The lightbulb moment for me was when I realised and acknowledged that the mantra had always been there since I was born – that’s when my true, unstoppable, and relentless power ignited my deep soul work and the inner mindset work started to spark.

Ever since I have been unapologetically me, vocal and all, for myself and my son and others too. I truly believe we are here, on this beautiful planet, to change it for the better and to bring more abundance, happiness, kindness, love, and joy to every person in our unique and amazing ways.

The beauty about connecting with so many amazing and incredible human beings is that they all change your life, either positively or negatively. Then you’ll meet some people who also align with you and maybe they will be inspired and empowered by you, your words, your work, or your energy.

I know that since 1999 I have been empowering people to feel alive and live a phenomenal life through gaining control of their mindset and now is no different.

With this truly magnificent and remarkable song that the incredible Ray Coates has written, inspired by my lifelong mantra, I want to instil in you that you too, can be relentless and unstoppable, when you choose to be. Go for it! Go all in and know that it’s yours for the taking.

Nothing can stop you if you don’t allow it to. You can live the best life – thriving and positive and full of positivity. Decide today and don’t waiver, stop or quit. Believe in you and know I’m your cheerleader and living proof that anything CAN be done!

Enjoy the song and KGA video, which is launching live on my son’s 23rd birthday on Friday August 13th, 2021* (NOW available to SEE in the LINK at the end of blog).

I’d love to hear your feedback as you journey through the amazingly personal video.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Adams

* NOW, SEE the INCREDIBLY moving video and the phenomenal strength that Rebecca shares in her life journey of 'Keep Going Always'.

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