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BE UNIquely INfluenced by INspiration From INnovation

‘Never play to the gallery’.

David Bowie

‘We are here to be UNIquely INfluenced by INspiration and to SHARE our OWN unique filter of the UNIverse’.

A bold statement or 2 to begin this weeks BLOG…

Do you identify a trend to a repeating of trends in the media (including ‘social media’). A trend to sharing whatever is the latest ‘POPular’ click bait message? Patterns of POPularity exist in a POP culture society. However, we also have the opportunity to celebrate, share and beCOME innovators, pioneers and universally unique advocates for reFORM.

Let’s bring this thought of creative reFORM, into bite sized messages:

  • Nostalgia is fine but we also need NEW ORIGINal creativity.

  • Tribute (eg tribute bands) are fine but we also need creative TRIAL and possibly error… EXPERIMENTATION!

  • Trends; click bait; CONformED POPularity needs to be at least challenged.

  • ‘Change’ is good and it is HAPPENING!

This week I celebrate with you 1 of the greatest of ALL innovators, pioneers and ORIGINal artists of ALL time - David Bowie!

Like his music or loathe it, you cannot ignore the impact of the phenomenally unique and at certain times ‘experimental’ nature of Bowie’s artistic creativity. However, rather than copying or even sharing directly songs of Bowie (other innovators are available), I celebrate the courage to be avonguard! In this weeks Spotify streamed ‘The Creative Shake Up Podcast - The Creative Shake Up Merchant’ (Check out last weeks SHAKE IT UP podcast by using the link BELOW 👇).

The AMAZING  story of how I came to be INspired by David Bowie to write, record and release ‘Galaxy Starman’ began from a conversation in the summer of 2022, where someone likened some of my music to David Bowie and the positive impact of artists like Bowie on popular culture. They referred to Bowie as a 'conductor'. This and Bowie's influence on my personal creativity as an innovator, led me to start writing ‘Galaxy Starman’.

As I looked deeper into the life of David Bowie, I could see reflections of my own creative desire and personality. In his first ever video release (a song called: 'When I’m Five', Bowie wrote the lyric in 1968: 

‘Yesterday was horrid day

'Cause Raymond kicked my shin

And mummy says if I am good

She'll let me go to school in August'.

There was a video released in 1969 (4 years after my birthdate of 29/12/1965) ps I've never deliberately kicked anyone in the shins 😉

In an interview with reporter Kerry O'Brien in 2004 Bowie said: 'I was a very quiet little Capricorn boy. This line has been used in the song Galaxy Starman. As a once shy Capricorn boy myself, I can relate to this expression. These discoveries above happened AFTER I initially started writing ‘Galaxy Starman’.

Additionally, Bowie has an incredible connection with Aylesbury, he performed live at the venue Friars initially in September 1971 (there was a statue erected in Market Square, Aylesbury in commemoration of Bowie in 2018). Aylesbury is a place I lived for many years.

On returning from the recording studio after completing virtually the last mix of the song ‘Galaxy Starman’ in November of 2022, I was listening to the mix of the song and began to hear a melodic whistling in the car, I am convinced this was a spirit approval of the completion of the song from Bowie himself!

The song ‘Galaxy Starman’ was released worldwide on Friday January 6 2023 2 days before the 76th anniversary birth date of David Bowie (8/1/1947) and 4 days before the anniversary of Bowie’s death (10/1/2016).

The true fascinating part of this story is - NONE of this was planned or contrived. When recording lead and backing vocals to this phenomenal song, I deeply sensed the spirit of Bowie and it’s been an inspirational and paranormal Galaxy journey to say the least!

We are here to be INfluenced by INspiration and to SHARE our OWN unique filter of the UNIverse.

I will be sharing more artists who amplify unique creative energy and in last weeks debut podcast, I shared the AMAZING 14 year old singer/songwriter Lois Brooks (check out Lois PHENOMENAL tribute to Bowie in this Saturdays upcoming podcast)…

We are here to SHAKE UP creative energy and reFORM!

Head to the EXPANDING COLLABORATIONS Tab and the SUB Tab ‘Shake It Up’ Spinning Creativity.

Remember, FOLLOW ‘The Creative Shake Up Podcast’ in Spotify (its FREE to DOWNLOAD The Spotify APP on Android or Apple devices) and let’s reFORM TOGETHER.


Ray xxx


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