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BEING IN The Key Moments of Life

It is easy to think of key moments in life as the MAJOR life transforming moments. Often these are moments that we look back upon. The key moments could be considered to be transitional turning points. For example, a serious change in health; a tragic loss; an extreme setback, or a life-changing event of some description.

We have all experienced or are in love with someone who has experienced the above. My heart and love are with you in this. It is also true that out of loss, adversity and life-changing events, comes hope, strength, compassion, understanding and ultimately love.

Today, I want to share with you a message of life-experience and a reminder that we are ALWAYS living our key moments. In fact, YOU are living your key moment’s right NOW, as you read this message.

Of course big change can lead to the need for big adjustment. BIG key moments can lead to a major overhaul in our lives and not necessarily a bad overhaul. Also though the moments we are in now, can be filled with wonder and surprise. When you may feel you are weak you are actually already demonstrating tremendous strength. When you may feel isolated and disconnected, this can be a stepping stone to brand new opportunities of connection. Keep aiming to reside IN LOVE not in fear.

I firmly know, through all of my experiences in life, paternal abandonment throat cancer; divorce; religious excommunication and homelessness (to name but a few), that these have been key moments in my life. However, I come to the awareness that key moments are also lived in every breath and can be lived through the beauty of creativity, amongst other things.

In Cconclusion, I'd like to share with you a key moment of love and gratitude; a key moment that I didn't fully appreciate at the time. This moment involved mindfully walking in a garden… Several years agoI attended a cancer retreat in the city of Bristol UK.

Walking mindfully through that garden; in the beautiful grounds and sharing time with some who were near to the conclusion of their current human existance, was the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

It truly was a defining moment and now as I look back, I realise even more clearly, key moments don't have to be BIG moments. This garden and what I experienced was profound, it has echoed in my life several times since. At this incredible retreat, there was a grand piano in a vast room, with unbelievably high roof space; the acoustics were amazing! What was even more AMAZING was the spiritual harmony and inner core well-being that I felt. NO fear here, ONLY LOVE.

Since then I have had SEVERAL other garden experiences, both literally and creatively. This returning home; returning to our origin, is something I know is wired into our deepest spirit DNA. It is one of the fundemental reasons I know sharing in creativity, connects us with pure divine energy. This is the core of why I share what I share.

Dear friend, key moments are IN the moment! Defining moments LIVE and BREATHE in us, ALL of the time! Connect with me and let us continue to share IN a divine garden of creative love.

Contact me and I'll share how...

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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