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Busy Roads Lead Somewhere

Its been a few weeks since I've last been here! Busy roads! Journey is continuing. Here is a little of what I've been up to (please click on links) -

Lots of radio promotion lol. Yesterday I appeared on Kat Ormans BBC Radio Oxford morning show. Please take a listen! (7 minutes 33 seconds in). Just before I went on air i received an email from #shelter saying they were giving us permission to use their 'in aid of logo' when we release the single 'The Voice Within'. We will be donating ALL profits from the single to Shelter. Have I been busy? YES! Have I finished yet? NO! I continue, in the minutes and hours between my day job (currently) as a driving instructor), to contact people, to reach out. PLEASE help us! PLEASE help us help the homeless, who potentially have no voice. Together we will make progress and this busy road will lead to our collective destination for good.

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