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Can We Change The World?

Having spent decades within the religious cult Jehovah’S Witnesses (JWs), I know what it’s like to have a door slammed shut in your face…

Whilst I’m no longer a JW, I can still feel the scars of those door slams lol

One thing I do remember is a question that we were regularly encouraged to ask people at the time and I’ve no doubt JWs still ask people on doorsteps today:

‘If you had the power to change 1 thing in the world, what would that 1 thing be and why’?

Although I no longer preach from door to door and look to canvas for converts, that question still remains a thought provoking one.

How would you answer the question:

‘If you had the power to change 1 thing in the world, what would that 1 thing be and why’?

*By the way I now only ask purely as an interested fellow human being, with no belief system attached.

Can we change the world? If so how?

If you were to search - ‘How can I change the world’… you would find some very interesting thoughts and most of them would discuss external factors.

However, in essence, we CAN change the world, because we can change ourselves.

We can change the world not by an exoteric approach (from the outside) but by an esoteric approach (from within).

The ideal is a unified, combined and harmonious awakened esoteric experience.

Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too’.

John Lennon

It's interesting that a lyric from the 2nd verse of 'Imagine' by John Lennon, seems to seldom gain attention:

'And no religion, too’.

It's almost as if 'diplomatic immunity' applies to religion; religion is a protected species, so to speak.

Here, I return you to my past experience of being a member or the religious cult Jehovah’s Witnesses. As I reflect on this experience, it is clear, it was an exoteric and very isolationist and remote experience. JWs as an organisation belief they are the only ones who will be ‘saved’ and the only they will make up a new world. This is based on compliance and conformity to set of institutionally externalised beliefs. Is that really a way to change society by marginalising anyone with a view contrary to your list of formalistic beliefs?

This approach is common amongst the majority of man made religious systems.

Where we all unite, the thoughts and alignment ideals that we all hold, is the same place where we can and will make our world a better place. These thoughts and alignment ideals aren’t found in religious dogma; academic expert superiority; mindless paternal and maternal hierarchy; mass media indoctrination and cancel culture, neutralised thinking.

True alignment is in reality found in unquestionable commonality.

Who would disagree that child sexual exploitation (CSE) is grossly unacceptable? The aim to end CSE is an example of our true human alignment, it is an example of where we come together. Why doesn’t CSE get talked about more?

Those who don’t choose to be without a permanent home,is an example of another place we can unite. We live in a world that seeks to shape and manipulate our thinking, to give aid and support to perceived needs outside our own communities, yet on the streets where we walk, there are people who reside with NO permanent home. Why doesn’t the common issue of individuals without a permanent home get talked about more?

The reason - this tragic sight, that we encounter daily, is a constant reminder to us to be a good ‘citizen’, work hard and pay our taxes and comply with ‘the rules’, otherwise we could end up like ‘them’!

We can come together, in fact we already are. One consciousness exists, this is not a concept. Why is it not a concept? Because it is an experience, what some may call ‘meaningful coincidence’.

No doubt you’ve had the experience of the thought of someone popping into your head and this thought results in the serendipity or synchronicity of that person contacting you. When you are faced by many ‘meaningful coincidences’ over a relatively short period of time, the evidence of connection becomes deeply profound.

The above and MORE is why ‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ and many others are creating for change. Music matters and WILL make a difference; the corrupt system we live within, has used anthems, sonic vibrational manipulation, to bring individuals together in perceived unity eg ‘God Save The Queen’.

Hymns and National Anthems are often superiority anthems for sonic segregation!

We're no saying music for social change is the ONLY means for meaningful reform but what we are saying is it's a MASSIVE part of it.

LOVE is the internal energy that we ALL have in abundance.

LOVE is without class, race, gender, age and belief system AND the system cannot increase its ‘price’!


Let’s continue to express loves energy, to improve our life and the lives of those around us, we can bring about true peace, change for the better and come together in love to change OUR world.

If you truly desire to change your vibrational energy and amplify LOVE for change; if you truly want to support change and make your own society, then COME TOGETHER and support Truth Music and Awakened Music for change. Creativity and it's loving intention utilisation with the pure agenda of LOVE, can effect and influence change.

Yes, it’s time for change and together with one unified heartbeat we can and will be victorious against the pandemic of exoteric (external) corruption by joining in esoteric (internal), one consciousness BEING and singing with one heart - 'ONE VOICE, WE ARE ONE'.

Loving Energy Always,


'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

Ps to support Music for social reform - visit the products page on this website and order the phenomenal and powerful truth music album 'I Am Cathedral'

Even MORE music to influence change is coming soon and additionally, we are beginning to reach out with a series of public talks discussing an end of indoctrination.

(We'll be sharing a POWERFUL YouTube LIVE on Wednesday 20th April @ 6pm (uk time) on 'How To Make Your Own Society'...

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