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Christmas Connection

It’s HERE! No, not Christmas quite yet.

Though yes, you did read the theme of todays blog correctly - 'Christmas Connection'. Today it is only 39 days until Christmas! Wow! That crept up lol.

Today it’s AVAILABLE! My Christmas album 'A Christmas Voice'. Read on because the album and above all else it's connection, involves YOU.

We are connected universally and in this album you will feel the deepest beauty of the real tradition of this most wonderful time of the year. At a time where a sense of disconnect could be experienced, this album is an offering to you of Christmas connection at the deepest level.

It is an emotionally uplifting Christmas companion, Christmas connection and ‘A Christmas Voice’ for us ALL. Infused with the spirit of the origin of Christmas past. Take a trip back with me to that time and also reflect upon the greatest gift, we all do well to appreciate more - LIFE. Here are a couple of Christmas infused tasters.

Order and I WILL deliver a beautifully uplifting slice of Christmas spirit to you. Laced with the magical joy and poignancy the origin that Christmas contains.

‘A Christmas Voice’ is OUR Christmas Connection. Join me and take a trip back to Christmas past.

Order now >> and receive today, straight into your Christmas email inbox (includes an accompanying eBook gift).

We are connected universally, even if there may be a physical distance. Let us connect in OUR Christmas connection. Share with me the following :- Memories; Peace; Goodwill; Spiritual Power; Celebration; Jojful Enthusiasm; Gratitude; Remembrance and Reflection of those we love. How is that for a Christmas present list! Gain this gift offering for ONLY £6.99 >>

In conclusion...

MERRY CHRISTMAS (39 steps and counting)...


Ray xxx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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