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Updated: May 23, 2022

I’d like to begin this blog by giving a shout out of gratitude for the growing number of subscribers to the YouTube channel ‘OverSoul Truth Music’.

It’s all about growing TOGETHER.

YES, gratitude to you for helping us to be living breathing proof of connecting and growing TOGETHER.

NOT ONLY is the YouTube channel growing in an organic way but so is the weekly Spotify podcast ‘OverSoul - One Voice, We Are ONE’. Gratitude again to all involved, including Graham Atkinson & Jacqueline Robinson (check out their podcast interviews... links BELOW. More AMAZING interviews coming SOON).

Episode 2

Graham Atkinson- 'Cultivate Cult Free Thinking'

Episode 3

Jacquline Robinson - 'Connect & Grow TOGETHER'

When we share the subject of connection and growth, we’re not sharing with you a ‘corporate networking’, ‘pyramid system’ or big business big business fake way of being.

NO this is REALITY and this is US growing together, whether that’s through business, personal connection or sharing in creative, awakened music written for Self/Social reFORM.

When YOU reach out with and to others in authentic ways (not in the already mentioned ‘corporate networking’ type way; a way that just promotes creating lead magnets etc), then we are connecting in growth of a meaningful future.

We, as a human connection family, are stronger than sometimes even we realise and we are connected deeper than for example ‘corporate networking events’, that just get people together in a very conformed way.

We are here on planet Earth to reshape the future. We’re NOT here to conform to the ‘norm’ way of doing things; we’re not here to promote big business; corporate big Pharma and commercialism etc

Through the YouTube channel ‘OverSoul Truth Music’ we are promoting growing businesses and growing individuals, together. We are assimilating growth, by coming together, by connecting together naturally in our truest essence form. We are here to pro create and with energetic exchange, through authentic and meaningful connection, we grow in purpose towards a common aim (take a look at an example of the potential of health reFORM, in the video from Graham Atkinson BELOW).

Connection and GROWTH isn’t about the single entity agenda of the corrupt system that surrounds us. For example in a business, you have a structure, where often there is one dominant figure, or as a set of dominant figures and then individuals are working underneath that domination. If you think of it, that’s really the system that surrounds us, there are people in power but in the words of John Lennon ‘the people have the power the people are the power’.

When we think of removing that connection from state (removing connection to systemic structures), we are disconnecting from the prescribed way of being and the prescribed way of being is:

There is a leader, or leaders and then everybody else is subject submissive beneath that rule.

In contrast, the true connection authenticity of ourselves, as human beings, is the beginning of reFORM. Society has the potential to shift away from controlled conformity. Whilst it may appear to be comfortable to have the illusion of connection within the structure, ultimately we cannot be truly comfortable until we grow into our essence connection with ONE and ALL.

If we are to truly connect and grow, we have to receive and transmit the essence energy, the flavour us and when we mix that together, with other energy sources, then we connect and grow FULLY and NATURALLY.

Growth should not be to the dominance and detriment, of the growth of others. We do well to re-source; the word 'resource is often a misused term eg ‘human resource,’ within a business setting, a term used merely as a label. Within our communities and societies, we should be playing to the strengths of our self and the strengths of others. Wouldn’t society work so much better, if individuals didn’t feel the prescribed need to be like everybody else. When we use freewill to copy what everybody else is doing, are we not rather conforming to ‘normal’, a typical way of being eg just copying trending profile pic images.

To elevate our being and fulfil our true future, we must move away from the same conformist way of being; the indoctrinated conformist way of being. Does this conformist way connect and promote growth?

Doesn’t it rather disconnect and isolate communities, based on conforming to a prescribed way of being?

When we decide to non conform; when we decide to not follow the systemic lie we've been led to believe of our true form. When we realise even more the true essence of us, then we will FULLY connect and grow TOGETHER.

This blog post is shared with DEEP gratitude to the multitude of growth connection relationships we are forming, including several links and images BELOW.


Over Soul Truth Music – Just another WordPress site (FAR MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER WEBSITE).

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

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