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Connecting in Creative Love

Think in a typical week how many times you connect with others. Whilst, at the present time, this connection may feel somewhat sparse, there are many ways that we connect with our fellow human beings. Particularly at this time, we are connecting more through social media; video calls and the like.

The truth is, we are all connected in one universal consciousness anyway.

However, the current situation, may make us at times feel somewhat remote, isolated and disconnected. The connection that we can all experience in the greatest quality of all LOVE, is immense! Love is THE universal currency. YOU deserve more LOVE! We ALL deserve more LOVE.

Creativity is an INCREDIBLE form of LOVE and connects us in our birthright of ABUNDANT LOVE.

Reaching out to others and opening up to others, in as many ways as we possibly can and is so beneficial, for the atmosphere of our society.

Through the medium of creativity, I reach out to you, to experience our incredible connection through music and words.

Looking back over the last few months, it is clear the growing number of collaborations that are providing incredible connections in creativity. There is so much more to come. Take a look at a couple of the examples of creative connection shared with others.

I am REALLY looking forward to connecting with YOU even more and creating with and for you.

Join me this week as we create even more love together.

Starting today 1/2/2021 with a FaceBook LIVE Songwriting workshop >>

‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’.

TODAY Monday 1st February 2021 @ 3pm GMT

Continuing on with IGTV episode ‘Be YOU With Me - Connecting in ONE Voice’. Check out last weeks episode >>

Concluding the week with the vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter- OUR Journey’. Take a look at last week’s creatively filled vlog >>

Let me inspire you to find your own unique voice by connecting in creativity.

Loves Energy,


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