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Create Memories. MAKE Memories.

They are precious, priceless and last a lifetime and beyond. They cannot be bought, they cannot be taught and sadly, they can be lost. Memories are what we are sharing thoughts of, in this weeks blog.

What shape do memories take for you? How do you make them? How do you keep them? We can easily connect memories as being past events ONLY! However, we CAN and SHOULD make them! Memories are lived, not just recollected.

I love this particular definition of memory/memories:

“the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms”.

Yes there is ‘power’ in Memories and there is power in YOU! Sadly though, memories can be more associated with past pain, even though we also have good memories.

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” Lois Lowry

“The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers.” Rachel Vincent

There will be loss but there are things that you don’t have to lose. There is SO much to gain creatively. How do you make memories? Do MORE of what you love, with the people that you love. It’s a tremendous privilege and honour for me to share loving gift opportunities with you and for you. It’s easy to return to familiar patterns. Want to create new memories? Deep heart memories? Want to share priceless gift memories with your loved ones? Of course you do. Let me help you.

How? Would you like help with creating a memory that is beyond compare? How can you achieve a creative memory? Let me serve you with inspirationally magical memories to last a LIFETIME, in fact the memories I am creating will last FOREVER (even for future generations as part of YOUR legacy).

Let’s start at the top of a beautifully creative Christmas tree. A triad of Christmas gift opportunities:

1. I have added value inside of my online Songwriting program- ‘Songwriting- Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’, for NO extra charge!

This includes ‘In Christmas Memories’ bonus content featuring 3 added modules, for NO additional charge.

Currently this incredible program that will coach you to write your own songs, lyrics and poetry for ONLY $153 (c £120)! A GIFT opportunity.

Unwrap your forever gift now or purchase as a gift for a creative loved one...

There is a Christmas warning though ⚠️🎄⚠️🎄⚠️🎄the price will increase to £199 (c $253) on January 1st 2021.

Therefore, take advantage of this INCREDIBLE gift 💝🎄💜 NOW!

Visit >>

A gift with LIFETIME access!

Mince pie anyone?

2. Next part of my incredible ‘In Christmas Memories’ gift triad. ‘In Christmas Memories’ (ICM 2020 😉) will appear on my Christmas album (title to be confirmed) you can choose and win a FREE download copy, if you enter vote and let me know which title and cover you prefer... comment on my blog post. Then I will carry out a draw...

Vote 1. For ‘A Christmas Voice’.

Vote 2. ‘A Winters Garden’.

Eggnog anyone?

3. Right. Now this is the memory maker! The gift to last FOREVER. Nothing less than PRICELESS! Don’t take my word for it. Here are quotes from those that have invested in my personalised vocal Christmas card - ICM 2020 strike THREE! Listen to the voices of others who cherish this gift opportunity like I do!

“It's a living time capsule that in years your family will uncover cherished memories”.

“It is a gift that will keep giving. We all have someone in our lives who would love this special gift”.

“Life itself is a precious gift and when you’ve faced the possibility of yours ending then it’s not hard to see what a wonderful opportunity this is”.

“A wonderful opportunity. To leave a lasting legacy of a loved one to last beyond their lifetime, to be passed down from generation to generation”.

“give Ray Coates a message he’s a singer songwriter and will incorporate your voice message in a song for christmas so your family will always have it a truely lovely gift after this dreadful year and if you cant be with friends family at christmas this would be such a perfect gift”.

‘ICM 2020’ is a personalised, legacy, vocal Christmas card. A gift that can be opened every year, even when we are not here.

There are gaps in the song, that are there for you or a loved ones voice. You

can record your voice or someone else’s voice, into a mobile device or record a voice note in FB messenger or Instagram (please use headphones and record in an enclosed space, with as little background noise as possible).

Then leave the precious magic to me...

‘In Christmas Memories’. Vlog Special (Including 'In Christmas Memories' several gap example for YOUR voice).

It’s time to add YOUR voice.

It’s time to add THEIR voice.

Here is an example version (permission by Michelle Roche)

Buy YOUR precious, priceless and timeless gift opportunity now for ONLY £5.99 >> (video of your personalised images can be added at an additional price).

Christmas lay down now! I’m offering around the Yule Log cake now...

Memories are made of YOU.

Memories are made of YOUR loved ones.

Take advantage of the gifts I am offering above.

It’s time to create memories.

It’s time to MAKE memories.

I serve you with ‘In Christmas Memories’ cheer NOW. Capture YOUR voice and those you love, before they are lost, NOW! ICM 2020.


Ray xx

© All rights reserved

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