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Creating Extra Fruit in the Garden of Life

As a songwriter, I have the divine privilege to create for others! In 2019, as I began to cultivate song choices and ideas for the album 'Garden of Life', I had the inspirational thought - a garden needs to be SHARED! At this moment, the seed was planted, include personalised songs, written for individuals on the album!

During this process, I decided to include on the CD version of 'Garden of Life', 'bonus tracks'. These 'bonus tracks', were specialised songs, written with the individuals who purchased the songs TOTALLY in mind!

In this weeks vlog I discuss the individuals that I wrote the songs about, and the inspiration they gave me. This vlog is about them and its also about YOU! Hear how I describe the unique process of writing a heart song and how that heart song can grow into an incredibly beautiful piece of musical fruitage!

It is an experience that YOU can also witness and share with me! I explain this in a specially made video on my media page. You can have a once in a lifetime experience, as you witness through a video call, a songwriter of close to 40 years experience, writing YOUR song!

I also discuss availabilty of the 'Garden of Life' album and its FULL digital download release! There is a special video previewing the beautifully inspirational tracks contained in the 'Garden of Life' on my YouTube channel >>

and also on my media page >> . Join me in an album that will uplift and elevate you. You will be lifted high, in loves magical energy, when you enter the 'Garden of Life'. Create your own happy ever after, as you listen to this inspirationally, heart composed album.

This weeks vlog will be jam packed with love, beautiful memories and tons of uplifting thoughts and fruitage. Join me this Friday on my YouTube channel >>

Meantime, check out some of my previous vlogs and one of the songs featured on my album 'Keep Walking Straight Ahead' (a song dedicated to my sons, my eldest son features on backing vocals and my youngest son produced the accompanying video), this video can be found through the link on my media page >>

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