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Creating Positivity Together

We all need positive energy and uplifting vibes. Would you like to raise your creative energy even more? Sharing creative, positive energy with those we love is SO good for us and for them.

It is common to try to begin a new year with hope and optimism. A time of new beginnings.

With 2020 departed (what a year for so many reasons), it is perhaps even more acutely needed to have a sense of hope and optimism.

How do YOU maintain hope and optimism? How do you help yourself and others navigate this journey called life, as positively as you can?

Let me share with you a song of hope and optimism I wrote 3 years ago. In fact it popped up on my Facebook memories, exactly at the moment I was preparing to add it to my online writing program. It is meant to be.

Click the link below and be LIFTED HIGH...

The actual back story to the inspiration behind and the writing of this song, may surprise you. As I said ‘I'm Lifting High' was written 3 years ago and forms the basis for an additional module to the incredible online writing program 'Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs'. I will only be sharing the story behind this song on the inside, come inside... creativity is SO good for nourishing your soul, creativity is a great way to lift your mood higher.

'Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs' is a wonderful program to be shared with those you love.

Why not invest in this together as a family and create your OWN signature tune.

The creative clock is ticking on the price for 'Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs'. It will remain at its current price of $153 (about £112) ONLY until the end of this month. On the 1st of February 2021 the price will INCREASE to $269 (£199).

Gain LIFETIME ACCESS NOW and get FREE upgrades with NO additional charge.

There will be a further 11 modules added this year on the 1st of EVERY month and when you buy this program at the price of $153 NOW, you will receive those future upgrades FREE!

What an opportunity to open up a LIFETIME of creative inspiration!

Ideal to share with family and friends.

I love sharing creativity with you. Join me in this weeks honest and open 'Diary of a Songwriter - OUR Journey'. Click the link below as I share an open

creative week with YOU for YOUR encouragement.

Keep aiming to raise your hope and optimism, creativity will ALWAYS help you with this.

Looking foward to sharing in MORE inspiration and creativity with YOU.

Join me today 18/1/2021 @ 3pm GMT for a creative workshop FaceBook live, we will be writing about hope and optimism.

>> ‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ 18/1/2021 3pm GMT

Creative writing is like a tent, you can find your souls refuge, emotional comfort and protection inside.

Keep creating, the world needs creators not haters.

Let’s elevate hope and optimism, through creative love and thereby diminish fear.

Loves Energy,

Ray xxx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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