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Creative Energy Shared

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Imagine a world without music, poetry, fiction, movies, plays, art and all other forms of creativity!

We cannot and should not dwell on that thought for long. However, being without certain things, or at least considering being without them, can at times increase our view of the value of them. Scarcity is not the best route to gratitude and appreciation but it does focus our thoughts more on the value of something. We live in a very physically focused world and there is a lot of onus put on our physical well-being. Of course, our physical well-being is very important but so to is our spirit and soul. Think again about the opening paragraph; think about all the individual notes, chords, instruments, melodies and words contained in the songs you love. This is just beginning with the thought of music; take this step further to include art, poetry, fiction, movies, plays and all other forms of creativity! Creativity contains a wealth of imaginative possibilities for us all! Whether this is in the form of enjoying being a recipient or an inspired creator. At this time, we all need to find ways to appropriately distract our minds, hearts, spirit and souls. I am working both online and off-line, to create as many possibilities to share creativity with and on behalf of others. Creativity is the birthright of all and everyone has at least one song in them. The words below, from poet Henry David Thoreau , have appeared on my website for well over a year now:

‘The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation... and go to their grave with their song still in them’. Henry David Thoreau

Every Monday throughout February I will be serving YOU with an inspiring LIVE songwriting workshop at 3 pm GMT.

In this month of February, we will be focusing on the quality of LOVE and sharing together lyrical and musical thoughts, to create love songs. Join myself and a growing number of others, in the welcome distraction of creativity. February 1st 2021 @ 3pm GMT... ‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ >> Creative energy shared. Let OUR love song begin... Meantime, enjoy the warm embrace creative of ‘Feel Loves Energy’...

Loving creative energy to you and your loved ones,

Ray xxx

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