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Creative Growth IN OUR Garden of Love

Creative connection grows, much in the same way as when you plant seeds in a garden; cultivate and nourish the seeds growth and then observe the garden flourish into a beautiful scene of vibrancy.

The above is how I would describe the creative growth that surrounds me and, there is MORE coming VERY soon... including YOUR opportunity to step INSIDE a creative figurative garden...

Meantime, read the beautiful words of the AMAZING artist; lyricist; poet and number 1 INTERNATIONAL best selling author Michelle Roche with regard to the album 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)' artwork.

"A little word from me about a ‘bag for love’ and my original art work.

You may be wondering how I came up with the original art work, or maybe you weren’t but you are now. Did I plant the seed? Many of you will know that I created the art work for the album ‘Garden of Life’ so ‘Garden of Love’ was born from that.

I wanted to create a similar image with a tree being the centre piece. Trees are our earths lungs and without lungs we wouldn’t be breathing, let alone signing. Bringing the tree to life using musical notes represents the connection of not only the songs and nature but the people behind each song too.

Each lyricist has become creatively connected to each other and from that, friendships have formed. It’s so beautiful for me to witness that and also be a part of it. Love is our greatest gift and it’s the reason why the art work is contained within a heart shape. It connects the love of music to the love of nature and each other.

This is where the ‘bag for love’ comes in. We want to spread the love far and wide, a message to the world. The bags are ethically sourced, this was so important to us for many reasons.

As with many of my original paintings the original canvas painting has been sold. Ray and I decided to take the art work with us on the 9th July. It was displayed on stage as Ray performed all the songs on the album.

It’s hard for me to put into words how incredible it felt to see my art work whilst hearing the album live.

This is what we are about, combining sound and vision, it’s both of our purposes combined. Although Ray has performed live with my art in the past, it’s the first time I’ve been present to witness it. Alongside the original canvas painting were the bags. Hearing people say how beautiful they were was priceless to me.

I was completely overwhelmed when the beautiful Karen Shepherd bought the art work on the night. To have someone want to buy your creation is just such a wonderful feeling. My pieces of art are more than just paintings. There’s so much energy and so much of me that goes into them. The art work relating to Ray’s songs are even more special because it’s his energy that’s represented too. This steps up on another level again, ‘Garden of Love’ artwork is filled with the energy of each lyricist. I’m so lucky that I get to hear the songs grow from that 'seed, to a tree, to a forest'. That is what makes this art work extra special. These bags were there on stage on the night. They contain so much loving energy and a little rock ‘n’ roll too".

Thank you SO much Michelle! You can NOW SEE the FULL album cover on the PRODUCT PAGE (and #SpoilerAlert the reverse cover of the CD SOON too). You can NOW order YOUR 'Bag For Love' using the 'Buy Your Bag For Love' LINK BELOW (ONLY £5 NOT including p&p outside of the uk). SOON to be shared on the Product page too.

It is such a true and pure joy to share creative growth and love with YOU. Keep watching out for more over the next few weeks...

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

Ps here is a catch up on last Friday's EXCLUSIVE LIVE snippets Part 1 YouTube Vlog 'Diary of a Songwriter - Let's Connect' including worldwide video calls made with co-lyricists, from FULL album preview performed on Friday July 9th 2021 (LINK BELOW).

PPs Here is a first play snippet from upcoming podcast interview with the AMAZINGLY creative soul Sanni Ju (LINK BELOW).

BELOW is the Podcast channel link so you can SHARE and catch up in 'Ray Coates - Connecting IN One Voice' ...

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