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I think I broke the internet!

Yes, it’s not Wreck it Ralph, it’s Wreck it Ray lol

This has been the latest I have posted my weekly YouTube vlog ‘Diary of a Songwriter- Let’s Connect’ and it’s in TWO parts!


Because I genuinely think the internet couldn’t cope with the amazing energy, of last weeks jam packed vlog.

Hence, the title #DataDance

It took my ages to upload the vlog lol and I had to remove several pieces to reduce the video size!

However, got there in the end and here they are in all their ‘Hopes Dance’ energy glory:

Part 1

Part 2

Anyhoo, better late than never, as the saying goes...

Ohhhh my days it's been a BRILLIANT week!

'Diary of a Songwriter - Let's Connect', has been a delayed due to tech issues.

This weeks YouTube vlog has been SO jam packed with uplifting, vibrational and feel good energy (ohhh and dancing too), that I think the internet couldn't cope lol

As I said, I had to split vlog into TWO parts #DataDance !!!

Remember, listen to, download and SHARE the AMAZINGLY vibrant, happy dance song 'Hopes Dance' (written by myself and the super talented Caroline Brown). Links to this INCREDIBLE uplifting dance song are below: YouTube

Don’t take my word for it, I am bowled over by the responses.

“Love it!

Real toe tapper”! LRF

“Ooohh my...I'm smiling from beginning to end”. SJ

“Great song”! AMB

“Great song... you got me smiling”. KHa

“I love this”!!! PM

“Inspirational. Brilliant”. AH

“This is such an awesome song”!! MN

“Love it!!! Got it on my playlist”!!! SM

“It’s absolutely amazing... we were blasting it out in the car earlier”. MR

“Great song / singing and lyrics and video, huge congratulations! Love the mix and diversity. It put a massive smile on face”. KHe


Watch the UNBELIEVABLY joyful Dance video for 'Hopes Dance'

Because of the immense joy and elevation of all I am creating and sharing, ‘Diary of a Songwriter- Let’s Connect’ will become a little shorter in length but also quicker paced. Subscribe to YouTube channel and don’t blink.

Whilst there was a #DataDance delay, there will be a NEW live addition to this weeks Wednesdays ONE World/Watch Out Wednesday, as I go LIVE for the FIRST TIME EVER on the YouTube platform.

Adjustment has been made but one thing will NEVER change, inspiration and creativity will ALWAYS be shared! Keep watching, keep dancing and keep dancing.

Loving energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

*Catch up on last weeks Spotify podcast 'Ray Coates - Connecting IN One Voice', including AMAZING explanation of ‘Hopes Dance’ from super talented lyricist Caroline Brown.

‘Hopes Dance’ is released NOW for download and streaming on ALL digital platforms (links above)...

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the song. Use the link below to drop me a voice message

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