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DISTURB The Sound of Silence

* Image - A DEEPLY emotional moment shared with Michelle Roche!

What sound do you desire?

Sound of the same old same old, or the sound of higher?

What vibrational energy do you require?

The sound of darkness silence, or the sound of your soul fire?

What sound do you require?

"Fools" said I, "You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows…

Simon & Garfunkel

Believe me I’ve lived the truth of the above words. The thing is though, I’m not alone and I now KNOW it is my responsibility to use my voice to create a voice for the voiceless in our world.

This is at the core of my why, this is my sole/soul reason for being. It’s what drives my passion to create for and with others. The desire to use my voice to create a voice for the voiceless in our world has led to the upcoming release of 7 songs for social reform, on the EP Album ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’.

*released worldwide on behalf of 'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion' on ALL major digital platforms this Friday May 6 2022.

I asked fellow ‘architect of passion’ Michelle Roche to write a few words about the 7 songs (we also recorded ourselves listening to ALL 7 songs - VERY emotional and uplifting viewing) and my goodness me, Michelle expresses such a deeply heartfelt, Mother Earth message that cannot and should not be ignored!

Read Michelle’s incredible truth on our behalf. Michelle’s expressions are not my truth, they are not even her truth, I believe they are THE TRUTH and OUR collective TRUTH, truth we should all support. I decided to include ALL of Michelle’s words, as they are SO precious and needed, please read on:

"Are you sickened by the systematic abuse and trafficking of children? We all have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable in society.

Are you fed up with the corrupt system we have been living in for way too long?

Do you question what you’re told or do you happily go along with what you’re told is truth?

Music is a powerful way to convey information & messages, when you listen to music it has the ability to impact all of your senses. Music can send you back in time by bringing previous memories to the surface.

Music can raise questions, get you to think about the lyrics and what they mean. It can help to create social change, raise awareness of so many topics and change people’s lives.

Music is powerful, music is liberating, music can open and expand your mind. It brings people together, it breaks through both social and language barriers. You don’t need to understand the lyrics to feel the emotion and hear the message contained (without restriction) in the song.

1. ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’

The first song on this EP ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’, gives a very clear message, it calls on us all to come together and be the change for the sake of us not our planet. We need Mother Nature, She doesn’t need us and we need to remember that. If our earth could shake us off, I’m sure she would. It must be frustrating to know that all the goodness you provide is being poisoned. Nature provides us with everything we need in abundance, we really need to claim our land back and grow our own fruits. The title track from the EP album ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’, is so uplifting and vibrant, it’s a positive message because WE can all change ourselves, it starts with us and then ripples out.

2. ‘Get Up Off Your Knees’.

The second song is another clear message to US, we are more than we are led to believe we are. The power inside each of us is immense, the system has us too busy to take the time to realise our power. If you want change then we need to rise as one, one consciousness, imagine us all coming together, one powerhouse, one voice, we are one visualise, manifest and rise, be heard, be seen.

3. ‘I Am Cathedral’.

I am cathedral and so are you, we are our very own temple because the kingdom is inside us all. The message is clear in this song, it’s a message for anyone who has experienced or is experiencing confinement within an institution. Of course it is also for those of you who haven’t experienced this, it reminds us of who we are. We are always connected to the creator, whoever or whatever you believe that to be. You’re beliefs are yours and yours alone, no one has the right to dictate your life to you. Institutions hide and protect paedophiles and churches are not exempt from this fact. Exposure of all organisations, institutions and the people that are involved in the most horrendous crimes to our most vulnerable and innocent beings is a must. If you disagree with that then I’d like you to explain why… question who you are.

4. ‘See, Hear & Speak’.

Some things are really hard to see and acknowledge, no one wants to hear about children being abused, I’m sure the children being abused find it much harder!!! Hearing about the pain of others is not easy for the listener, it often takes a lot of courage for a person to tell their story. It’s easier to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear and to not speak out for others. We can all do that and carry on in our little bubble of illusion that everything is just fine and dandy. Well it’s NOT, children are being trafficked into the sex trade, a trade!!! It is big business, you won’t hear much about it on the so called news and there’s a reason for that. The elites that run the corrupt system own everything, that’s why we need to shine our light on their darkness and starve them of their debauchery.

5. ‘Prism’.

How do you gather the pieces of yourself once fractured? From prison to eternity prism, wow, what a beautiful song. I’m sure, sadly, that many people will connect to this song and feel the emotion. You’re never alone, no matter how lonely you feel, there are many beautiful beings out there who you can reach out to. Everyone’s experience is unique to them but those who have walked a similar path have empathy and understanding, if anyone reading this wants to reach out then please do.

6. ‘How To Make Your Own Society’.

If you really want change in this world of OURS there is really only two ways to achieve this. One way would be to infiltrate and take over the current corrupt system, or two, to build our own society.

A completely new society, a system that provides for us all. No extremes of wealth or poverty, there is enough of everything in this world for everyone. We all have skills and knowledge that we can share and exchange with each other, no one should be going without. We are all here to live our best lives NOT scrape through day by day in pain and suffering.

7. ‘Hey Man’.

God is you, god is me, god is all, we are the kingdom, no matter what sex you go by or don’t go by. I really don’t care what you want to consider yourself as. So long as you are not harming another being in any way, then be and do what you like. The message in this song is as with all of them powerful. Who has the right to say that the creator of everything is labelled as male? He, the father, the lord, etc etc, surely it has to be a woman lol, sorry I couldn’t resist a little humour. I don’t know what it was that created everything that we experience and neither do you or anyone else. That’s the truth, you can believe what you like but you don’t know, the only thing you know is your own experience. Something far greater than us created all we see, hear, feel, taste etc etc but what that something is I don’t know because I wasn’t there. One thing I believe is that which I said earlier, the Kingdom is within each of us, whatever created us is within us.

To sum up all the songs on this EP I’d have to say that there is a link with each one, a clear message to us all. Each song leads into the next, beautifully synchronised. If you don’t like the system you’re forced to live in then make some changes to your life. Connect with like minded individuals and know you are not alone. Begin to question everything and research yourself to find the answers. We can and we are already beginning to build a new society. If that is something you want then support those who are making changes for the benefit of all of us. Connect with those creating positive change, because if you don’t you have no right to complain about your situation. Don’t just do it for you, do it for our children’s future".

DEEP gratitude and love Michelle for your support; your knowing; your heart and beautiful soul and your desire to join with me and others in helping our Earth and collective consciousness to RISE as ONE.

Yes, we may individually have felt silent and voiceless before but we have reformed OUR voice, called out and arose …


OUR personal experience has grown into OUR soul purpose -

To create a VOICE for ALL who are NOW isolated and unheard.

Yes, to create a voice for the voiceless.

Join with us and support 7 songs for social reform on the EP Album - ‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’, by downloading, streaming and sharing this powerful truth music cause for social reform.


TOGETHER, let us RISE as ONE and at least DISTURB the sound of silence and ideally end the totally tragic, unnecessary weeping on our Earth.


Ray & Michelle xxx

On behalf of 'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

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