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Everyday, Magic & Miracles Occur.

How is your imagination? Last week was a week of imagination. I believe that imagination is the spark to illuminate liberation and creativity.

Shall we take it further. We always want greater abundance of creativity don't we?.. Are you ready for MORE?

More is what I aim for in ALL I do. Not purely and solely more for me, more importantly more for YOU. Let me share with you my vision for this week and beyond. This is magical. In fact my social media theme this week is ‘Making Magic and LIVING Miracles’.

How can I make magic with and for you? let's take a look, and wait until I share some DOUBLE WHAMMY exciting news with you later!

Meantime, I have been making magical memories for many over the last few weeks with ‘In Christmas Memories’ (ICM 2020).

There is more and the emotion of this unique voice gift is epic! Many beautiful tears have been shed and the precious nature of those tears is priceless. Let me make magic for you and your loved ones, send me your recorded personalised voice notes and I will add these into this magical, poignant gift song.

Did you enjoy the imagination and magic of October 31st 2020 as I read my creative partner in Rhyme Michelle’s original tale ‘Annie’s Hallows Eve (A Coven Revenge)' in a FaceBook LIVE special. Slightly squiffy camera angle on some devices lol.

This is where I now get serious but in a loving way... are you ready?

Yesterday November 1st 2020 was the launch of my co-authored book ‘Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling’ and also the launch of the International Interview Series 2020 (IIS 2020). Not sure which to share detail of with you first...

Let’s go for IIS 2020 first.

Sign up to 30 inspirational interviews everyday in November. Oh and also you will have access to those interviews for a lifetime. Below is your link to access this amazingly uplifting series! Just think 30 inspirational experts in there field, for only approximately 50 pence (about 65 cents) per day! It’s easy to think of magic as illusion. It’s very easy to allow the valve of miraculous thought and hope to be closed off. Consider 2 quotes from the historically famed escapologist and magician Harry Houdini.

“Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it”. Harry Houdini

“My brain is the key that sets me free”. Harry Houdini

Powerful quotes from a man of power. Everyday, magic occurs. Everyday, miracles are lived! Read those thoughts again.

Everyday, magic occurs.

Everyday, miracles are lived! Here we go for the truth and reality of the above! Are you ready?

Everyday, magic occurs.

Everyday, miracles are lived! Today is YOUR last opportunity to get the early bird price of £2.99 ($3.99) for the phenomenally uplifting co-authored book 'Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling'! In this book I reveal never shared before insight into my cancer journey and the victory over cancer that has led me to today! Read FOURTEEN real life chapters of miracles being lived everyday!

UK >>

Once you download the book dive into the foreword and introduction. Leave a review with Amazon, we are aiming for NUMBER 1 BESTSELLER. Why? To create even greater beneficial impact and influence. Share it with me and read a majorly influential part of my life and the lives of 13 other amazing souls! Join with me in true magic, inspiration and the miracles of the human spirit.

Remember, I am sharing the magic and miracle of Christmas with you NOW! Christmas album news VERY soon... visit home page, scroll down and click on Sign Up button and complete very simple form to be the FIRST to find out the news...

Gain power from ALL that is on offer as you contine in YOUR journey.

Much Love, Ray xxx 40% of sales of 'Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling' will be going to grass roots charities, including Cancer support charities.

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