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Exchange IN The Currency of Loving Creative Energy

We live in a world that is surrounded by frequency messages of fear, hate and competition. However, does this mean we are inevitably bound to deal with and in negative energy currencies?

100% NO!

The royal law and true blood rule of our being, is the natural law of LOVE. It is the very core and essence, heart and soul of our experience. Yes, of course it is challenged at times; loving energy is diverted and can be hijacked towards a ‘trend’ induced existence. We though are self-sovereign rulers of love and can daily infuse the breath of this most beautiful energy into OUR world.


One of the best and purely natural ways, is through creativity. When we create, we release judgement and let go of fear. In the moments of creativity (whether it be art, writing and or music), we return to the purity play of a child and in this experience, we move beyond the constraints of societally conditioned thinking. Love plays IN our creativity, love weaves with the words we use and love dances, in it’s beautiful freedom of expression.

The truth of creativity being so closely linked to divine and innate love, is one of the major reasons I share this opportunity of creative writing with others. Desire and passion are integral aspects of love and becoming involved in songwriting is a great gateway to MORE.

Is this just my experience? No!

Read below the experiences of those who have connected with me IN the loving exchange of creative energy:

‘The song writing for me was such a joy to be able to tap into my souls wish .

To have Ray to guide me on creating such a inspiration song that comes from my heart .

It was a very uplifting experience and it made me realise I could create something that I never knew was possible’.

Susan Anne Lynn

‘The one wearing many hats, from ideas to music, to organisation, to production and publishing - Ray who has poured all the love, heart and soul in providing opportunities for all of us that took part…

It has been unforgettable experience to say the is not just a song...This is the story of our journey in musical form. This is Our Connection’.

Sandi Tju

Soon, I will be sharing even more feedback on the extraordinary awakening, that arises, from the beautifully loving exchange experienced by those Connecting INSIDE Creativity. Check out the beautiful song 'A Love Like No Other Love' * co-written with amazing lyrics from the inspirational Sherry McQueen


‘A Love Like No Other Love’ is the 5th track from the album ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’** written with phenomenal lyricist Sherry McQueen💜💫💜

**You can order the CD of the album ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’ from the products page of this website 💙💫🎶

Also available to download and stream 👇💜👇🙏👇🎶






Frequency is everything and forms the substance of thought and form. In Love we can connect in divine creativity and therefore, with the ultimate source of life and love (details of MORE launched on March 20th 2022).

Tonight (Monday March 14th 2022 @ 6:30pm UK time), join as one with ‘OverSoul’, through the ‘OverSoul Truth Music’ YouTube Channel (LINK to video BELOW) and we will experience 10 out of 10 (10 minutes of inspiration, alignment and creative energy IN love).


The POWER of 3! BELOW are IMAGES of the 2 LIMITED EDITION CDs (Garden of Life & Garden of Love) and also the current USB Key release 'I Am Cathedral' (from 'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion').

Visit SHOP page on this website for an INCREDIBLE offer power of THREE offer!

‘Let love be your only mandate.

Govern yourself in love.

Rule over your own life with love,

then and only then will our human family be truly healed’.


Loving Energy ALWAYS


'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'.

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