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Exercising Trust Through OUR 'Garden of Life'.

It can be given. At times it is very difficult to hold onto. Once lost it is difficult to get back... What is it? Trust.

How do you feel about Trust? Do you find it easy to trust? At times in your life has your trust been lost?

In social media this week, I will be sharing thoughts on the subject of trust. Why do we mistrust? Essentially, we live in a world where trust is a very questionable thing. Added to that is our temporary existence. Let me explain this further. Because we view our time as limited, trust becomes like money, we find it difficult to give away. The irony of trust is the more that we invest, the greater our return.

"He who does not trust enough will not be trusted".

Lao Tzu

The world is plagued with many things. One of the major dis-eases of our time is a lack of trust. What are some of the root causes of a lack of trust?

There could be many different factors involved in this. Here are three that we would do well to consider.

1. Our upbringing may have affected our view of trust. For example, we may have had poor role models, or our personality has been shaped by the mistrust spoken by others.

2. Another possible reason for mistrust is having a low expectation viewpoint of others. We do not expect anybody else to do good to us. This could possibly be borne out of the third reason.

3. Our past experiences have involved a loss of trust.

Whilst I am not saying we should be in a perpetual state of trusting everyone, we do need to begin to exercise trust. When I reach out to others as a creative soul, I work on the expectation that others know me well enough to trust me. Therefore, I trust them in return. I know the reasons why I do what I do; share what I share and I create what I create. Above all else, my heart wishe is to share a connection with as many souls as possible. My desire is to elevate the feelings of others.

We can always look for a nefarious agenda in anything. Sometimes, when people realise I charge for my songwriting service, they could think that is my only motive. Of course, this thought is untrue. Whilst I make no apology for pricing my creativity, I choose to not accept the viewpoint that I only do this for money. The sensation and the elevation that I play a part in creating for others, far exceeds any monetary value.

I have a new project, which I will be sharing through social media very soon, and the content of this special Christmas opportunity is priceless!

We get one life. Easy to spend our existence holding on to things that we should give away. Let me expand. We hold onto money, saving it for that rainy day; we hold onto trust afraid we may lose it; we retain our love, for fear that we may give more than we get. All of the foregoing are forms of energy (money, trust, love) and if that energy is latent within us, then we are only doing ourselves harm.

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.”

Anton Chekhov

Release and trust. Again that may not and should not be trust in everyone but neither should we mistrust everyone. Balance is the key to all things. Reach out in trust; invest in yourself; let go and don’t hold on. I give you my trust and confidence that I will ALWAYS share inspiration and creativity with you and for you.

Loves Energy,

Ray xx

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