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Feel Loves Energy - In OUR Garden of Life

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”. Nature Boy written by Eden Ahbez

Love has been the subject of many conversations; many creative works; many books and of course many songs! Why?

Love at times can appear to be elusive! One of the main reasons for this could be our preconditioned idea of love. We can be shaped into thinking, love is based on external approval or recognition. Notice the lyrics above - ‘the GREATEST gift, you’ll ever LEARN’! We need to LEARN Love! Additionally, we need to learn to ‘be loved’. Even better we can learn to BE love!

I have written many songs about love. One of the songs I’ve written about love, is the track ‘Feel Loves Energy’. Whilst it is a song primarily from my perspective, it transcends my mind and heart space. Love IS an ENERGY. Consider this thought - money is a means of energy, we use money to initiate interaction, to create a relationship and to share/care for ourselves and others. Money is a means of transaction. Love is a means of transaction. We use money in economic and social commerce. We need to use love in emotional and social commerce. Money is a currency. Love is THE universal currency.

‘Feel Loves Energy’

I make a promise, I make a vow,

Before the universe and I make it now:

To love you to the moon and return.

I make an oath, I make it true,

Before the universe and you.

To love you until the sun doesn’t burn.

To love you deep into the core of our earth,

To love you as a child of the universe.

As children of the universe, we are love. you and I are made from the fabric of love. True gratitude and love for self are critical. Many spiritually written works and works of poetry amplify the need for SELF-LOVE! If we cannot love ourselves, how can we love others? We cannot give away what we don’t have.

Mark 12:31... ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

New International Version

I endeavour to write from a place of heart love and gratitude, whether that be personally written songs for individuals, right through to my album release and social content. ‘Garden of Life’ the album, is jam packed with love and a soul/heart motivated to help YOU connect with true beauty and purpose. ‘Garden of Life’ was written and shared to elevate you in love and gratitude.

YOU are worthy of Love. It is the energy source and currency of all, the ENTIRE universe! I offer to create with you IN Love. I share with YOU the Love contained in the 'Garden of Life'. Continue IN Love and remember dear friends :

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”. Nature Boy written by Eden Ahbez

Loves Energy,

Ray xx

‘Feel Loves Energy’ is the 3rd track on the album ‘Garden of Life’.

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