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Finding A Home

Yesterday, I announced that 'The Voice Within Project' had found its FIRST home . Truth be told - the home found ME! Having received Zoe Evans version, reflected on the time of year we are coming into (winter is SUCH an awful time of year for the homeless) and having spoken to the organisation 'Shelter', I KNEW where 'The Voice Within' NEEDED to live. Can it be a Christmas Number One? Give me good reasons why not! it has an INCREDIBLE vocalist, it has DEEP and meaningful lyrics, it is for an AMAZING cause #shelter So Why not?! a VERY good friend of Michelle & myself David Holden (David sadly died recently and we attended his funeral on Friday) voluntarily lived overnight in a cardboard box (he made himself) for a sponsored live in! Another reason for 'The Voice Within Projects' FIRST home. Have I ever done that? NO! Would I want to experience it? NO! Please join with us! Please support us! Please contact me and invest. Thank you in advance and together we can give courage a home. #onevoice #togetherstonger #christmascountdown #charity #home #shelter

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