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From Freedom to Liberation

We are FREE!

A bold statement to begin with but a truth statement of fact. Yes, our rights are at times imposed upon, however, we are innately and in essence FREE!

Saturday January 22nd 2022 presented factual, actual evidence of freedom across the WORLD!

We had the privilege to walk as one, with many of the 100,000 NHS staff at the ‘Freedom Rally’ in Manchester UK.

This freedom movement rally was incredible and a true indication of the empowerment of humanity.

What about liberation though? Take a look at the following dictionary definition of the word - liberation:

‘1 : the act of liberating : the state of being liberated.

2 : a movement seeking equal rights and status for a group’.


In my belief, one of the main truth’s in the above definition, is the phrase: ‘the state of being liberated’.

We are already free; free in the palace of our minds.

Freedom is the thought, liberation is the action of that thought.

We are at a point in time and we are a point of reference experiencing our current reality. In other words, if you feel, think and act free, then you already are free. However, the action of the thought of freedom is liberation and this is a point in history, where we stand on the threshold of liberation. How can I say this?

Because, as a human family (experiencing one consciousness connection together), we have already collectively experienced the potential of a movement towards full awakened enlightenment.

No longer do we have to look to government; religion; education and or mass media to exercise our personal sovereignty. The foregoing is becoming an increasingly common view, for example worldwide rallies for freedom (including the one I attended in Manchester UK).

One of the motives behind the ‘Freedom Rally’ (as previously mentioned), was to support 100,000 NHS staff threatened with job dismissal. Threatened with job dismissal for exercising their freedom of choice, in refusing to accept the clinical COVID-19 experimental vaccine.


I know from experience how indoctrination works; how mind manipulation and control are enforced. Having been part of a religious sect group called Jehovah’s Witnesses, for so many years and on the receiving end of institutionalised 'brain washing', I KNOW. I’ve lived inside a narrow minded, indoctrinated and detestably divisive emotional imprisonment. The type of mind-control that has tragically led many to commit suicide! This is one of the main reasons I create and share the opportunity for fuller freedom of thought and speech, through the medium of truth music.



YOU are FREE to BE.

As we move together in freedom, towards ultimate active liberation, what do we need to see and hear, to give us strength to continue to be free and to be liberated ?

Messages of encouragement; signposts of inspiration and sonic, harmonic vibration. We need to see and hear colourful energies and sounds of TRUTH. All of the foregoing and the first hand viewed adverse judgement experience of others, acts as a tremendous motive in sharing musical messages of liberation. This is why OverSoul & The Architects of Passion was originated as a genesis of consciousness music.

Hence, in the first instance, the powerfully mind opening; heart releasing and emotionally intuitive album ‘I Am Cathedral’, was inspirationally written and is now shared with and for YOU.

With immense gratitude, love and inspired determination, we share with you power to encourage greater liberation for yourself and others.

Join us, not just in music but in a sound-wave movement for social change.

‘I Am Cathedral’.

YOU are Cathedral.

WE are Cathedral.

Experience the sound of freedom to LIBERATION.

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Loving Energy ALWAYS,


OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

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