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Fulfilling Unified Desire by Connecting in Creativity

What are some common things we all desire? Where do we harmoniously connect? How do we bring different parts of the world together in creative energy?

Music, is the place where we connect together in the anthem, of a one consciousness clarion call.

Let me explain further. We have lived through a period of time where major events have been postponed and currently many major events are taking place but with no audience!

To contrast between a major sporting event and a live musical performance. At major sporting events there are often 2 opposing teams, 1 team versus another team. By no means does this make the event necessarily disunited, however, by nature of the spirit of competition, the crowd desire for one team to win. In contrast at a concert; live performance, or gig; generally speaking the desire is of all in attendance to join together in anthemic harmony.

My vision is and always will be, finding ways of connecting others through musical creation. A desire to connect others in harmonious purpose and 100%, music can and does do this.

With this in mind, I have shared many opportunities for inspirational collaboration with others. As this ground swell of creative energy increases, so does its global reach. It is a very exciting time as we aim to connect with others, within our global family. Music has tremendous potential to bring together world consciousness and therefore one consciousness.

Over the next few weeks, Watch out as I share in social media an incredible project, that has been taking place behind the scenes and will soon be revealed in all of its beautiful universal connection.

Let us creatively connect in a world of disconnection.

With this in mind, join me today at 3pm GMT for FaceBook LIVE -‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ Monday 15/2/2021 @ 3pm GMT.

We will continue to write, together, a beautiful love song.

Loving Creative Energy,

Ray xxx

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