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‘Garden of Love’ FEAST YOUR Ears & Eyes’

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Welcome to OUR 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)' a visual and audio sensory journey through all 11 songs TOGETHER in there bountiful and sumptuous glory!

Feast your ears and eyes on the fruitage grown from ‘Connecting IN Creativity’.

When the world was disconnected, WE connected and planted seeds of creativity… see and hear how they grew:

1. ‘Our Connection (the Ringtone Remix)’

2. ‘Walk in Love’

3. ‘Smile & Get Your Heart Started’

4. ‘Hopes Dance (Toe-Tapping Remix)’

5. ‘A Love Like No Other Love’

6. ‘Mother Nature’s Embrace’

7. ‘Keep Going Always’

8. ‘Stay Here, Stay Now’

9. 'Be Like This Child'

10. ‘The Know NO Song’

11. ‘Altered State’

I am truly humbled, honoured and grateful for the weaved with the AMAZING lyricists/inspirers of our miracle of creativity:

RaeAnn Gardner; Kulleen Hatcher; Caroline Brown; Sherry McQueen; Sanni Tju; Rebecca Adam’s; Michele Noordhof; Susan Anne Lynn; Ray Coates & Michelle Roche

The tears of joy that pour from me in gratitude and love for YOU and this OUR experience, will lead to creative MORE growth, for ourselves and for others.

To you the viewer and listener, enjoy our fruitage of unity; love; joy; hope; unconditional love; gratitude; determination; life; humility; respect and freedom.

Sharing loving energy with and for you ALWAYS.

Order ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’ on CD NOW NOW

Thank you to those who joined me for a LIVE FaceBook streamed performance of the ENTIRE album Friday September 3rd 2021

‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’ was released WORLDWIDE on ALL digital download/streaming platforms on Friday September 3rd 2021 LINKS BELOW

Fill your ears, mind, heart and soul, with the creative connection of LOVE!

OUR Garden of Love.

Share IN OUR Garden.

LOVING Energy Always,

Ray xxx





Also available on CD

© ℗ All rights reserved

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