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Goodwill, it 'Tis the Season

Every day is a day to give. During this time of year there is an even greater opportunity to focus on doing good. We are entering what is referred to as 'the season of goodwill'.

This coming week I share with you an open handed message of goodwill.

Enter OUR season of goodwill...

Let us start with a question - How would you sum up the word goodwill? What is goodwill?

Perhaps you may answer that question by saying that goodwill involves a gesture. As previously mentioned, we are entering what is referred to as the ‘season of goodwill’. Whilst goodwill does involve actions and gestures, I believe fundamentally it is a spirit, a characteristic or an attitude.

Would you say that we live during a time of goodwill? I guess in some ways the answer could be yes and no. There is much suspicion and lack of trust and a disconnect of the spirit of having an open hand. It can be a challenge to remain in a spirit of goodwill with our fellow human beings! This is not intended to be a negative statement.

How do you feel about this? What do you think could be done to improve the spirit of goodwill?

It is so important that we continue to share the openhearted version of ourselves. It is crucial that the quality of good is manifest in our actions and our purpose. Whilst creativity is now my sole (and SOUL 😉) source of financial energy, this is by no means my sole reason for sharing my creative services and products. At the heart of all I do is the desire to connect and to make a difference through the gifts and talents I have been given.

Why do I share this thought? Let me repeat it again:

'At the heart of all I do is the desire to connect and to make a difference through the gifts and talents I have been given'.

Because the same is true for you, in whatever you do. Goodness springs from a desire to influence for greater good and therefore is displayed in action. At times, it may be easy to feel reluctant to offer the services and goods that we have. However, if we come from the spirit of intention that our desire is to provide greater good, then there is no need for us to feel apologetic about creating financial energy from this.

Goods (services and products) = goodwill.

This equation is true, when the motivation is heart centred, something I have learned during these days of seeming lack or less.

Therefore, I share with you, in goodwill, ALL I have! Let us continue to share ourselves and the gift that we are in a spirit of goodwill, with the desire to influence others lives for the better.

Open your hand to another,

Invest in your sister your brother.

Reside in goodwill,

Leave anger, be still.

No fighter, divine lover,

Goodwill to your sister and brother.

We need to ALL look for opportunities to reach out an open hand to ALL.

Continue to be the beautiful giving and good YOU that you are.

In this spirit of goodwill, every monday I will be going LIVE on my business FaceBook wall with a new open handed, interactive shared space. This will be called -

'FREE Creativity With me at 3'.

Link to my business page below...

See you later for a goodwill day with Ray at 3pm.

Loving energy and goodwill to you ALWAYS and through ALL days,

Ray xxx

© All rights reserved

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