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Grateful I’m ALIVE, Grateful to Perform LIVE!

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Have you ever found in life, that your gratitude increases for something you have either lost or temporarily lost?

Whilst, it is not inevitable that our gratitude increases after loss and neither is it required, it is true when we have gone through a life-changing experience, our gratitude can increase.

We may have experienced – the end of a relationship; the loss of a job; the death of a loved one or serious illness and the experience could include so many more examples.

At the time of our loss, we may not ever feel that we can regain gratitude. In many circumstances the loss is too deep and painful to see a way beyond that current experience.

Here, I share my voice of love and experience of loss, with and for you. You can get through your current experience and not only can you survive but you can smash through your OWN glass ceiling and thrive IN love.

Having experienced throat cancer; the death of my father; marriage breakdown; family estrangement; religious judgement and isolation (all at the same time), it has profoundly shaped my viewpoint on my life and very importantly the lives of others. On a couple of occasions around the time between the year 2008 and 2010, I was very close to ending my own life. A lost voice, a perceived burden on others, unworthy and without any value, I was totally lost.

However, the reason for me sharing with you this dark chapter of my life, is not to dwell on the past, it is to highlight, through my life experiences (including homelessness), that there IS light. In fact, not only is there light WE are the light.

Through deep personal inner soul work (this is something I now practice every day) and aligning with incredibly creative and encouraging souls, my life is not only light and brighter but I am now using the light source to shine more for others.

This is where I draw your attention again to the theme of this message:

“Grateful I’m ALIVE, Grateful to Perform LIVE”.

The switch of divine illumination has well and truly flicked ON. From having no voice and no light, to a voice for others and a light of life. I am truly grateful for the NOW and I am deeply grateful to share opportunities to creatively place courage and love into YOUR beautiful heart.

This life that I share has opened up PHENOMENAL connections with beautiful souls all over the WORLD. Together, we have created a body of work that in a few days’ time will be previewed EXCLUSIVELY LIVE at an INCREDIBLE EVENT.

Join me IN GRATITUDE and LOVE this coming Friday July 9th 2021 for an 8pm (uk time) start.

Limelight Theatre

Queens Park Art Centre



(Box Office link BELOW. Limited ticket availability! Book NOW)

Sharing with you the phenomenally uplifting album (EXCLUSIVE LIVE PREVIEW) - ‘Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)’.

Listen to a sneaky peek preview of SEVEN of the TWELVE album tracks in the video BELOW.

I am 100% grateful I am ALIVE and I am grateful to perform LIVE and utilise my voice to uplift you IN love.

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

** Here are the current single release links to 'Our Connection' and 'Hopes Dance' (there are remixes of BOTH songs on the September 3rd 2021 album release 'Garden of Love (Connecting IN Creativity)'.


Amazon Music



Amazon Music


*** Catch up on last Wednesday's Anchor platform, Spotify streamed podcast 'Ray Coates Connecting IN One Voice' (LINK BELOW) where I shared creative insight, through an INCREDIBLE full length interview with the phenomenally talented Caroline Brown. We discussed our vibrantly uplifting collaboration song ‘Hopes Dance’... the single was released on Friday May 28th on ALL digital download and streaming platforms (Links ABOVE)... Caroline also contributed lyrics to collaboration song ‘Our Connection’, along with Michele Noordhof; RaeAnn Gardner; Sandi Tju; Sherry McQueen and Susan Anne Lynn.

***** Join myself and the inspirational Sherry McQueen in this Wednesday's podcast where we talk about 'putting the meaning back into love' and our BEAUTIFUL 1:1 collaboration song 'A Love Like No Other Love' (5th track on the upcoming September 3rd released album).

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