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Growing Creative Connections in OUR Garden of Life.

Do you ever find yourself saying - ‘I can’t do that’?

Have you at times felt - ‘I’ll never achieve that’!

Let me share an open and honest heart with you today, I’ve felt that way in the past and I felt limited in my thinking for years!

Stunted in my thinking, couldn’t see the potential I could open, step into and be a part of.

What changed and why share my journey?

Firstly I’ll share with you - what changed?

A single word answer PEOPLE and more accurately the people I surrounded myself with and that I allowed to influence me.

Our environment has a massive influence on our growth.

Surrounding ourselves with people who nourish and who we can nourish, helps us to flourish.

The key recipe -

Be with people who nourish you to creatively flourish.

Why am I sharing my journey, my growth?

Quite simply to provide encouragement, to be living and breathing proof of creating MORE!

Our purpose is meant to BE!

Gratitude feeds me to enhance the abundant creative energy I was born to share and it’s TIME TO SHARE.

How can YOU join me in inspiration and creativity? Here are SIX ways (there are more but this is a beginning:

1. FaceBook LIVE -‘Be Creatively FREE With Me @ THREE’ join me today Monday 8/3/2021 @ 3pm GMT (INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY), as we begin to write a song about OUR appreciation for Mother Nature

2. VIP Email - Sign Up to my VIP email list and be the FIRST to know and share in AMAZING creativity (Visit home page and click Sign Up button to be INSIDE the news)..

3. Subscribe to weekly YouTube Vlog - ‘Diary of a Songwriter - OUR Journey’ catch up with last weeks episode in video link below...

4. Co-authored International Bestselling Book, 'Smashing Through the Glass Ceiling' discover how I recovered from throat cancer and released my voice within! 13 other INCREDIBLE life-accounts, including a DEEPLY moving opening life chapter, from the books compiler Rebecca Adams!

5. ‘Our Connection’ due for release on ALL digital download/streaming platforms on Friday March 19th 2021.

Together with 6 creative souls from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, we have written a song.

Our story is one of connection, in a time of disconnection; of coming together at a time of social distancing and of what can be created at a time of isolation and despair.

Be among the first to connect in OUR GLOBAL anthem!!!

Here is the I-tunes pre-order link!!! Wow! Available for pre-order NOW and to download as a ringtone NOW!!!

6. Autumn Album (title to be announced soon)... I already have four songs lined up for an autumn album and I will be looking to include 4 to 5 more songs.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Contact me for details (use contact page)...

How amazing to have YOUR name included in OUR song as a co-lyricist!

Contact me and let's create!!!

I will be sharing soon the title of this autumn album.

By the way, there are more than SIX things I’m offering but I didn’t want to overwhelm you lol

Energy needs to be shared with all and connection can be shared with incredible people. Join me in OUR powerful connection! Remember, be with people who nourish you to creatively flourish.

Connect with me and let’s create inspirational magic together!

Loves Energy,

Ray xxx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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