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Hopes Dance

What does the word Hope mean to YOU?

We often use the word with phrases like: ‘I hope this happens’, or ‘I hope that happens’.

We even hope for better weather LOL.

We have globally lived through a year where it may have felt at times, like hope was running on short supply! How have you felt? How is your hope? What does hope mean to you?

Oxford Dictionary Definition of Hope:

a belief that something you want will happen

It is wonderful to hope for better and it is realistic to as well. Yes, certain things may be beyond our control but our mind, heart, spirit, body and soul can be used and enthused to celebrate the precious moments in our life.

Of course at times it may feel hope is lost, it all seems so tough and nothing seems to flow but we can and will still rise up in hope and optimism.

‘hope is the place where we strive’

On May 28th 2021, I will be releasing a song of hope and optimism (more details to follow over the next few weeks in social media, including details of the identity of the songs lyrical collaboration contributor and a celebration event on May 28th 2021). YOUR feet and hands are REQUIRED... Read on as to how and why...

The song ‘Hopes Dance’ is for you AND it needs YOU! Watch the video below as I aim to create a social media video that includes YOUR dance; YOUR feet, YOUR hands and resultant energy noise.

HOPE you enjoyed the video (NO pun intended LOL). I need YOUR help!!!

Let's dance TOGETHER...

It’s time to stamp your feet and clap your hands in hope and optimism.

Join me IN ‘Hopes Dance’.

‘Lose the fear inside of you,

let the hope and joy just flow right through.

Set your wildest dreams completely free,

feel the dance in your identity’.

Remember, WATCH the video ABOVE and SEND me YOUR audio foot stomps and hand claps. Also, send me your dance videos and let’s have a party of hope and optimism, at a time when we ALL need more hope.

Loving energy,

Ray xxx

Ps for more information, WATCH 'Diary of a Songwriter - Let's Connect'

Contact me through social media links on website, or email me your audio and videos

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