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Hopes Dance has Sprung to Life

Today is such a beautifully energetic day. Sharing phenomenally good vibrations with you; kicking back and giving you the opportunity to click your heels in joyful, hopeful unity. Yes, its time to DANCE. Today marks the release of mine and lyricist and international number one best selling author, Caroline Brown's single - 'Hopes Dance'!

WOW! Lets get straight onto the floor!

Here is the UNBELIEVABLY joyful Dance video for 'Hopes Dance'

Below are a links for you to listen to and download this AMAZINGLY vibrant, happy dance song and ENJOY OUR Dance of Hope... TOGETHER: YouTube

Wednesday 26th May 2021 was an INCREDIBLE podcast PREMIERE of ‘Hopes Dance’!

This weeks podcast concluded with the premiere of mine and Caroline Brown's incredible collaboration song.

Tune into the Spotify podcast and HEAR Caroline's BRILLIANT description of ‘Hopes Dance’.

How it 'transported' Caroline 'back to a time of joy and freedom' and also Caroline's incredibly liberating thought, when you listen to 'Hopes Dance':

"Throw of the shackles and let your spirit soar".

‘Hopes Dance’ is released NOW for download and streaming on ALL digital platforms (links to iTunes, Amazon Music etc above)...

Would LOVE to hear you thoughts on this 'toe-tapping' song and on this weeks podcast too. Use the link below to drop me a voice message

It's not just the song and the way that it was written that are PHENOMENALLY positive, the artwork created by Michelle Roche is dynamically centred in elevating energy as well. I am SO grateful to Michelle for her beautiful art. Read Michelle's VERY touching description of 'Hopes Dance' artwork creation:

"We’ve had WOW Wednesday but this is fantastic Friday, 28 May 2021, what a day for the release of a beautiful, uplifting, foot stomping and hand clapping song. 'Hopes Dance' truly gets your heart thumping, your body moving and your creative energy flowing. I’m truly honoured to be witness to the birth of many beautiful songs and to see the light of creation flow through Ray when he connects with others. This is where the magic begins, from simple conversations and the touch of a couple of notes new songs are created and grown. Ray has the ability to combine your words with sound and create something so unique that touches the souls of many. I am also very honoured and privileged to hear these songs as they grow and I am grateful for the visual inspiration they provide me with.

As many of you know I create the artwork for most of Ray’s music, we love creating together and getting lost in our own minds. I remember the moment that I began doodling the art work for 'Hopes Dance' Ray was working on the song and I was getting images in my mind. These images then began to come to life as I started drawing. I felt the energy of the song and wanted to capture it, I knew in that moment that the art work needed to be bright and colourful. I also wanted it to be quite simple an image from the film “Saturday Night Fever” came to mind. I then thought of the glow of a glitter ball and I wanted to combine those images together somehow. I will admit I had a couple of attempts before I was happy with the finished image. It’s a really lovely feeling to see my art work accompanying songs as they are released to the world. I‘m so very grateful to Ray and all of you who give us inspiration to create every day".

WOW indeed! FANTASTIC beyond compare!

I am immensly grateful to Caroline, Michelle and to YOU for the life-affirming experience of 'Hopes Dance'.

Join us IN the dance of HOPE.

Download, stream and SHARE. This is OUR time to Dance IN hope.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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