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How Can We Rebalance The Scales of Justice?

How can we rebalance the scales of justice?

How can we rebalance the scales of INJUSTICE?

To answer these and other related questions we do well to consider - what do we care about?

Because 100% front and centre, that will form the balance or the imbalance of life for ourselves and others. When we think of the evidential truth of society, the system is imbalanced!

There is much emphasis put on things that are really of far less importance than certain other things, that need IMMEDIATE attention.

In this agreement and tipping point for potential transformational change, is where we all truly connect. The truth is that each and every one of us has, individually and collectively, the connective responsibility to rebalance the imbalance.

WE can make a radical difference in redressing the scales of injustice.

Do you think there is a sound of justice and a sound of injustice?

Last week we talked about disturbing the sound of silence, seeing, hearing and speaking.

It’s so important for us to create a platform opportunity; a place and space, where we can come together and connect in our collective aim for change. We can create the amplification redressing of the imbalance. There’s a dominant/prominent sound, it comes through the energetic airwaves all of the time and it’s spread every day by organisations, corporations and mass media, to indoctrinate; to influence; to inject into the one consciousness and subdue the minds, hearts and souls of individuals.

‘OverSoul & The Architects of Passion’ are coming together with those souls who are creating sound, not just musically but in many different ways.

We are inviting others to subscribe to the OverSoul Truth Music YouTube channel (LINK BELOW) and thereby we prescribe/advertise growing businesses/projects/ventures. This is about addressing the imbalance and promoting GROWING businesses, NOT mass/conglomerate corporations. We are sharing what we NEED, not that which is promoted to us!

The ABOVE is the REASON WHY, seven songs for Self/Social reFORM, were released on May 6, 2022 on the EP/ALBUM 'Stop The Earth From Weeping' (NOW AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD/STREAMING & ALL 7 YouTube LINKS are BELOW... PLEASE SHARE).

If you have a project or venture in a local anywhere in the world, we would like to shine a light on YOU and YOUR work.

WE can come together connect and collectively make a difference.

Email us @ - you can also check out the website which is GROWING to completion

We will prescribe/advertise you and your cause/work, that’s a beautiful exchange and if you think of that exchange, it’s another example of balancing/rebalancing.

We have written, recorded and released these 7 songs for self reform and social reform (LINKS for DOWNLOAD & STREAMING BELOW) and with the energy that is rising from the individuals who are connecting with us, we are growing together as ONE Voice. It’s all about movement, that’s really what we need and that’s what we’re creating. If you think of imbalance, it requires that we need to SHIFT. We need to vote with our FEET, not at the ballot box.

SHARE/SUPPORT and encourage others to download/stream 7 songs for Self/Social reFORM



Amazon Music


We need to move our energy from one place to another place, knowing is not enough; it is not enough to be aware; action is required and that’s how we can help. When you check out the songs you will hear the energy for self and social reFORM.

‘OverSoul - One Voice, We Are One’ has now become a weekly podcast that was shared as a debut to the podcast world last Saturday May 7th 2022.

We are planning to do a podcast every week and also looking to include opportunity for invitees to be interviewed; to share there voice; to share there message . ‘One Voice, We Are ONE’, is what this is really all about. When we move and switch from not listening to what is going on in the matrix media and when we move then towards what we’re going to change, then we can and WILL make OUR OWN society.

‘OverSoul - One Voice, We Are One’ PODCAST

Episode 1 (LINK BELOW)

'How Can We Balance The Scales of Justice’?

‘Stop The Earth From Weeping’ and its total of 7 tracks (YouTube listening LINKS ABOVE) is not just Music! This is Music for change; for Self reform/Social reform.

YOU are an architect of PASSION and together we can transform and change our lives and the lives of others.

Music; sound; sonic waves can create change!

Words do make a difference and together we can reach a tipping point towards the balance of social reform and social justice.

Share YOUR voice with us; connect with us.

Remember you can email:

Website -

Let’s make OUR OWN Society TOGETHER

Loving Energy,

Ray xxx

On behalf of 'OverSoul & The Architects of Passion'

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