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'In Christmas Memories'... It's Time to Give the Gift of Voices

The majority of humankind have one. Every single one is unique. It can sound deep or high. It can be used for many different things. If you lose it it’s missed. Sadly at times it’s gone forever. What is it? The voice. YOUR voice. The voice of a loved one.

The voice really IS you and your unique spirit and soul. Expressed from within to the physical world. Notice the following online quote that describes why the voice is unique.

“Stretched horizontally across your larynx are vocal folds, which are also known as vocal cords. As air passes over them, the vocal cords vibrate very quickly to produce sounds. The higher the rate of vibration, called frequency, the higher the pitch will be. The pitch of your voice is largely determined by the length and tension of your vocal cords.

By themselves, the vocal cords produce just a buzzing sound. The parts of your body between the vocal cords and the outside world, such as the throat, nose, and mouth, act as a resonating chamber to turn those buzzing sounds into your unique human voice.

As you can see, there are many different parts of the body involved in producing your voice. Each of those parts is unique in each person, which is what gives each person a unique voice. Moreover, those parts can change over the years and even from day to day, so your voice itself can change over time and even day to day”!

My view of the importance of every single persons voice has been shaped by extremely challenging circumstances. This is no exaggeration - I nearly lost my voice totally and easily lost the use of it for around about a year! In 2008 I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I was told by my consultant, if I refused major surgery and radiation treatment, I would only have months to live! I was married at the time, with 5 children and as a result, for my children, I accepted major surgery and radiation treatment. As I said previously, due to the nature of the invasive treatment, I lost my voice for close to a year. I could have lost the ability to speak permanently. Therefore, the voice is precious to me, not just mine but importantly the voice of others too.

Consequently, I do ALL I can to use my voice for greater good and also to amplify the voices of others. Sadly in society many have been shaped by guilt and shame. Perhaps as a child individuals have been repeatedly told to be quiet. Maybe individuals have made comments about a voice. Possibly you’ve heard a recording of your voice and thought ‘I really don’t like the sound of my voice’.

“I was never particularly fond of my voice”. David Bowie

This article on ‘voice confrontation’ is fascinating! It will help you to view hearing the sound of your voice in a different way.

Think about this - if we say I don’t like the sound of my voice, are we not in effect saying - ‘I don’t like myself'. Trust me, maybe you’ve even experienced this, when you lose your voice, you value it even more. By extension when someone we love dies, don’t we often miss their unique voice and we would dearly love to hear them again.

With the above in mind and as we we are moving towards the festive time of year, I’ve written an incredibly special Christmas song called ‘In Christmas Memories’, which has a place for YOUR unique voice. It has a place for the unique voice of your dear loved ones. Let’s not lose our voice. Let’s not lose their voice. This is a magical song and is also now a composite part of my online training program ‘Songwriting- Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’. It is also features on my Christmas 2020 album (title to be confirmed).

“Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows”. Napoleon Bonaparte

This really personal and precious part of ‘In Christmas Memories’ is you. I am using this song to capture the personalised Christmas voice message of you and your loved ones. A personalised message to last FOREVER. Let me explain.

As we previously discussed, what is often not saved or left behind of someone we love? Photos are kept; letters are kept; items of clothing and gift keep sakes are kept. Sadly the voice is all to often lost. Yes, there may be video footage in family videos or from online platforms but I’m talking about a personalised voice message. Therefore, imagine a song that will become the backdrop; a song that will become the canvas; a song that will become the vocal Christmas gift card of our and our loved ones personalised messages.

To explain further this is not a song that will contain a number of voices (unless of course individuals would like a shared family voice version of ‘In Christmas Memories’). No, for example, I have recorded my own personalised message within this song for my 5 children and Michelle Roche my partner in rhyme, who I collaborated with on ‘Your GLAD Journey Companion poetry ebook (visit shop to download your copy), has recorded her own version for her family. It’s like a personalised, legacy, vocal Christmas card. A gift that can be opened every year, even when I am not here.

Equally to allay any fears, the message doesn’t have to be sung (although you can sing a message if you want to), just captured in a reasonable quality recording and forwarded to me. Would you like to hear the song? As you do, maybe you can visualise your message or the message of a loved one, in the gaps that are built into this song. Below is my vocal version of ‘In Christmas Memories’ (please don’t let this stop you buying the Christmas album lol. There are another 8 songs on the album, as well as ‘In Christmas Memories’).

Notice there are several gaps in the song ‘In Christmas Memories’. These gaps are there for you or a loved one. You can record your voice or someone else’s voice, into a mobile device or record a voice note in FB messenger or Instagram messenger and then leave the rest and the precious magic to me... It would be an immense honour and privilege to add your vocal message to ‘In Christmas Memories’ and this could be achieved for the cost of only £5.99!

Add YOUR Voice or the voice of a dear loved one to this special, legacy concept song.

Yes, it is time to hear YOUR Voice...

Yes, it is time to hear THEIR Voice...

‘In Christmas Memories‘

Message me for more details:-

Let’s make this a beautifully, individually, unique Merry Christmas. May your voice and the voice of your loved ones continue to be a blessing.


Ray xx

© ℗ All rights reserved

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