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'In YOUR Love/In OUR Love'.

Love is always needed! However, sometimes it feels it is needed more at certain times than others. Love is free and the most important currency in the entire universe. During challenging times and in a climate of great fear, love is more important than ever! We can ALWAYS do with MORE love!

These are times of imposed limits , not to mention distance and feelings of isolation. My heart genuinely goes out to so many at this time. Special occasions have been effected by 'spcial distancing'. It can feel, at times, that we are living during days of lack and less.

During times perceived less and the lack, my mind and heart are impelled to look for ways to give more; to create more. Rather than what 'can’t we do', I aim to use my personal journey through life and experience in life to take the viewpoint of - 'what can I do'. 'What can I do, particularly in relation to my creative purpose. Therefore, as a creative soul and a fellow human being in this journey called life, I am constantly looking for ways to use my purpose, creativity and gifts to provide more love and create memory making gifts and opportunities for YOU. Especially at a time when you may not be able to be physically present with those you love.

At the end of 2020, I introduced a song concept gift called 'In Christmas Memories' (ICM 2020). The idea was a GIFT song. The song 'In Christmas Memories', would form the backdrop for individuals personalised voice messages, to be shared with their loved ones. The response was overwhelming, as many approached me for this unique gift service! This created incredible scope and varied possibilities. Every single ICM 2020 was individually special, as every message shared and the way in which it was created, was unique. The emotional connection created on behalf of those that invested in this opportunity was both priceless and timeless. It was a privilege and honour for me to create magical memories on behalf of others.

With this in mind and the challenging experience faced by many in 2020, I have written, recorded and released a very special love song.

Looking to 2021 with the increased desire to serve you through my creativity and to enable you to share your love even more with those you love. This has given birth to this INCREDIBLE gift opportunity IN 2021 and beyond. Today 11/1/2021 I launch the precious gift love song 'In OUR Love' (IOL 2021).

The magical concept of the song 'In OUR Love', which is especially created with gaps, is for YOU to share your personalised voice message for those you love. You can share YOUR personalised loving voice messages with me and I will create your loving IOL 2021 gift. The song title will change between 'In OUR Love' and 'In YOUR Love' depending on the songs usage.

'In YOUR Love' can be used for so many different occasions, including: a birthday gift; as a proposal song; as a wedding day song; as an anniversary song; as a song for a dearly loved friend, as a song for a beloved pet and SO much more.

Love is not just for one day of the year and this song is not just for one day of the year, whilst of course it can be used for Valentine’s Day.

Would you like to take a listen to the song 'In OUR Love'? In this version I share a general love video and my personal loving message for all. This creates for you an example of what can be done with this beautiful, priceless memory song.

Love is truly limitless and the gift song 'In OUR Love', is an incredible opportunity for you to share your personalised voice message of love with others. This song is a remarkable opportunity for you to share loving energy, by creating a magical memory that will live and last FOREVER.

Contained in the package, at a premium price of £49.99, you will receive the service of having your own video made to share with your loved ones. You can share with me the photographs and images you would like me to include 'In YOUR Love' video.

Reach out to me and let me create a loving memory for you that will last a lifetime and BEYOND.

'In OUR Love'/'In YOUR Love'.

Make 2021 an ongoing year of LOVE.

Visit the shop page on my website and order your AMAZING gift of love.

Loving Energy ALWAYS,

Ray xxx

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