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Inspiration & Creativity in OUR Garden of Life

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In this weeks blog I will look at the process and opportunities for inspiration and creativity!

Inspiration in essence is the receiving of stimulation by the world and others around us. Creativity is the harnessing and enacting of that inspiration. As much as we are unique, so is the way we receive and ultimately interpret inspiration. This is one of the major features of the songwriting program I have designed for you! In the video modules, I share ways to unlock your creative potential through inspiration.

“Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.” Albert Einstein

We must continue to open the door to creativity. Imagine a world where all of the greatest songwriters ever, held back and overthought the release of their inspiration! You may feel - ‘I’m not a creative person’. You may think of yourself - ‘I could never write a song’. You could even possibly tell yourself - ‘I’m not very good with words’! If any of these thoughts and feelings resonate with you, believe me when I say - ‘Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’ is for YOU! Imagine again - YOU being guided from a blank page to writing YOUR own song (or poetry)! Wow! What a gift that would be both for yourself and others!

As a human being we are purposed to create. We have many varied medium with which to create. Words and music are a powerful combination and we can gain SO much from observing, attuning to the world around us, and reflecting that through our written words. The possibilities are endless. Infinite!

We can enrich our lives through our gratitude and humility of the inspiration that surrounds us. Visualise how much better life would be, how much better the world would be, with more creators. Picture how we can improve our society through positive words, shared in gratitude and love. Imagine sharing your songs/poetry with your loved ones. What a gift. Consider the tremendous offer in the video below.

Artists, gardeners, photographers, songwriters, singers, actors etc etc. Imagine a world without these and so many more creatives! YOU ARE A Creative! I recently wrote a song with TEN individuals, some of whom had NEVER written song lyrics before! Consider the collaboration work we created ‘That Rainbow Will Come’! Wow! Amazing! It is our birthright to be inspired; to be inspirers; to create and to appreciate creativity.

Join me in the launch this Friday of - ‘Songwriting - Writing YOUR Unique DNA Songs’. Friday June 26th 2020 is YOUR opportunity to buy your LIFETIME ACCESS to this program! You can write YOUR own songs and this program WILL guide you! It is accessible and achievable. 40 years of song writing experience, condensed into this program. All of this for just $51 for the first month! Wow! Inspiration and creativity assured.

I share my gift of songwriting with you!


Ray xx

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