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Invest IN The Intention of GREATER Purpose

Maybe you’re wondering why or even how?

Read the below quotes received from conversations recently:

‘The creators of music are losing out because it’s freely available everywhere’.

‘Why are people still funding mainstream music media’?

These above quotes are so true. To some extent, music and creativity in general has become devalued.

Let’s place value back into creativity.


Because it has a crucial role to play in social change and also to improve and enhance our life personally. There are so many cover versions of original songs performed in all kinds of venues. I get it, I really do, people love to sing along to their favourite songs. There are also many tribute bands too and people pay to go and see them perform. That I don’t really understand, why would talented musicians and singers pretend to be someone else? They could be creating and performing their own original material. To be able to earn a living from that they would need your support. Would the people who pay to see them pretending to be another band pay to see them being who they really are?

I love what I do. However, that is not the only reason I do it. What I do has phenomenal purpose and this is the driving force that is beyond me. This is the reason why I have invested time, money and other forms of energy into the project venture of ‘I Am Cathedral’. The foregoing is not a complaint but a factual statement and I will continue to cycle creative energy. Therefore, this creative (non-competitive) mission is many fold. Creative energy is my business but it’s also yours too. In fact, it’s the business of our entire human family. Let me explain.

Life is constantly made new, there is a connection in all things. By tapping into creative energy and the source of divine inspiration, we are opening up our true experience potential. Whether it be listening to motivating and liberating music, or experiencing the creative writing process ourselves, we are enabling the substance of our being to become a creative receiver and transmitter. In other words, we move away from the fear, anxiety and apprehension, which are pumped into our sensory experience EVERY day. Life is about NEW, it’s about utilising our senses to be a part of creation, not a part of competition. We have a negative bias tendency and as part of this tendency are at times predisposed to keep things to ourselves. This can include financial flow. I’ve spent a lot of money! Have I really? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say:

‘I’ve taken an energy source (money) and transformed it into another energy source (the creation of powerful music; inspirational poetry; life affirming books and my own personal development). This has all led to incredible experiences and key moments which I get to share with and for you! What price can you place on that. Let go of holding on and invest in becoming a part of creative flow.


One way is by supporting and investing in creative endeavour. We can wait for change in government, promises of salvation via believe systems, we can elevate the thought that intellect is the pathway to improvement, via academic means. All of the foregoing lead to COMPETITION, whereas creativity is pure and ultimately liberates freedom.

Not only 'talking (or singing) the talk' but WALKING THE WALK for FREEDOM and LIBERATION.

When you invest in this USB Key album ‘I Am Cathedral’ it will play a major part in opening and liberating the TRUE divinity of YOU even more, by purchasing this deeply inspirational album, you will not only be investing in yourself but also investing in truth music for social change 🙏🎸🔥 this is my purpose intention.

Wave goodbye to the FAKE radio waves and welcome the cathedral of YOU, the Cathedral of TRUTH. TOGETHER we achieve ONE being, a ONE consciousness temple and TOGETHER we can and will make a new society.

To order your copy of 'I Am Cathedral' visit the products page on this website and you will not only receive phenomenal truth music but you will also be supporting MUSIC FOR CHANGE!

Ray xxx

OverSoul & The Architects of Passion

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